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From 3X.PPS on 9/25/2008 Active Modify
99.38% or better on One False Move.
From Mikita Star. on 6/02/2008 Active Modify
*** Clockwork ^^
From ElPapaCosmico on 6/01/2008 Active Modify
96+ Return of Salieri (In regards to Funtime Twix - you don't need to bracket stuff like Bonecrusher or VBeta to pass it - it just makes it easier)
I still havmnt tryed Return of Salieri ill get on that though.....
From Twix on 4/21/2008 Active Modify
2nd to Last Challenge
Improve these scores:Xuxa,Hip Hop Jam,Wake Up,I Think I Like That Sound,Hispanic Panic,Oasis,Boogie Down.
That is it.
From Twix on 4/20/2008 Active Modify
Oh here is something I remember. 99 Exciting Hyper HighSpeed Ball or w/e it is
From Twix on 4/20/2008 Active Modify
Work on your heel-toeing. You will need it for when your stamina gets incredibly high. In order to work on it I will give you simfiles that pertain to heel toeing. In example Dukk's Porn, Blade, etc.You will also need heel toeing for passing hard simfiles like vBeta OML and Bonecrusher(eventually)
From Twix on 4/20/2008 Active Modify
alright here is the stamina part. I want you to 96.5+ Destination. 2nd 99.25+ on Beautiful Synergy. Now double star Piece of Poetry.wow I had alot more for you to do but I can't remember. Star Air and get less than 21 on Uber Rave.And pass anyone of The Cosmic Pope's Dragon Force Simfiles.SDE ICWOWICF(You should know what this is).And once your stamina gets high enough I want you to pass Lawn Wake I. Take all the time you want. If you don't have certain simfiles I shall provide them.
Have fun ^_^
I honestly had ALOT more to give you but can't remember
From Twix on 4/20/2008 Active Modify
Change your age to 15 in your profile. Then make Moogles challenges complete.
Here is the real challenges. Turns out that you need to work on some officials. So I looked at your profile to see what you had and here it is,FIRST 99 Lipstick Kiss. 2nd 99.8+ on Incognito 3rd This is Rock and Roll needs to be higher. 99 Bend Your Mind. QUAD TRIBAL STYLE. 6th 99 Soapy Bubble this one is really important. Now I"m not sure if you can or not but either 98.5 Clockwork Genesis or 99 it. Then you will have all 11's Tri starred. Finally double star Tell. Work on these in whichever order you want. After this I'm sending you a stamina challenge
From VivaLaMoo on 2/11/2008 Active Modify
Quad everything I have.
From Kanji666 on 6/28/2008 Completed Modify
Pass OML dude...^_^ and friend me!
such a low score though
From VivaLaMoo on 10/05/2007 Completed Modify
Don't quit ITG you faggot.
From MOOGLE SWAGMAN on 8/22/2007 Completed Modify
whatttttt your challenge is ridiculous! ill try though.
star bloodrush mr luke, and uh my name is luke too, sweet.
From MOOGLE SWAGMAN on 8/22/2007 Completed Modify
whatttttt your challenge is ridiculous! ill try though.
star bloodrush mr luke, and uh my name is luke too, sweet.
2 stars
From Lon on 7/25/2007 Completed Modify
99 Mythology.
I did like 4 months ago
From VivaLaMoo on 6/09/2007 Completed Modify
Re 99 all the 9s since you made this ghetto ass account.
99.05 Lipstick Kiss hahaha
From D-k0dE on 5/21/2007 Completed Modify
Make a trip down to DL this summer =)
Storm =D