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From nigz on 3/20/2010 Active Modify
Pass max unlimited with the "bar" haha just like u did with max 300
From nigz on 10/28/2009 Completed Modify
beat me to 50 dual stars =p
As long as that includes tristars, I win!
And includes hard & expert. but you didn't specify :P
From DAVE101 on 6/15/2009 Completed Modify
Get 80%+ on the 11s and 70%+ on the Determinator, Energizer, and Euphoria. GO
oct 24:
got my 11s two days ago, .17 away from euphoria, energizer's done. I could upload a failscore 70+ for determinator in my sleep ;/

Got determinator & Euphoria today! Oct 27!
From nigz on 9/01/2007 Completed Modify
Fill out all the score you can pass ^_^
If this includes hard then it'll be a while but I've done all the experts I can, and some that I can't too!

Finished this up yesterday!
From jeffrey1790 on 9/20/2009 Abandoned Modify
Beat Normal Hard Doubles, with blender. :)
I tried it, I think I'll have to be able to do doubles 12s before I can beat it with blender :(
Beat it w/o blender though....
Must abandon :( too hard!