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From HSV.Bang on 7/07/2009 Active Modify
quit being a faggot and come play dance gmes with me
From Andy014 on 8/02/2008 Active Modify
Raise your overall average to a 94.xx+%
From Drayne O on 5/24/2008 Active Modify
I finally passed your challenge (* Romer and Juli8 (that on i passed forever ago) and pass Monotone and Welcome to Rainbow, just did those 2 tonight)

Anyways, but a ** on any Expert chart, and Send me another challenge
From xxxxx - Administrator on 4/09/2008 Active Modify
Looks like you're pretty good at clearing songs, but your timing could use a little work. =) Start off by getting five double-stars.
1. Cooking By The Book 2. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire 3. Automatic 4. Birdie 5. Crazy Loop I forgot about this thing haha
From Tenchi50 on 4/03/2008 Active Modify
get 80+ on everything except V^2 and 90+ on all 10s and below
let's make it 85+ and exclude Bloodrush too ^.^
From HSV.Bang on 3/03/2008 Active Modify
fill out your all of your expert scores
2 left. but they're gonna be a while.
From Andy014 on 2/17/2008 Active Modify
play itg while eating some chicken on a long song, make it an 8 piece nugget from chick-filet. note: I have to be there when this happens.
next week...got song suggestions?
From daddy zexyu on 8/20/2008 Completed Modify
Break 85% on Xuxa. *quack*
90-something yesterday. card glitched though, Andy014 and Bang can verify the glitch. I'll redo it next week regardless
From Drayne O on 2/26/2008 Completed Modify
beat my ! Expert Score and my Moonlight Shadow (JOKR
s custom file) score

they shouldnt be too hardto beat

also send me a challenge back
got 85.43 on Moonlight Shadow, 77.64 on !
From Mad Matt on 2/25/2008 Completed Modify
Pass Final Destination.
I'm getting tired of playing this, so I'm gonna count my home pass(on blueshark//73.xx%). lemme know if that doesnt cut it.
From Andy014 on 2/17/2008 Completed Modify
rick roll me. and make it really funny and non-obvious so i won't expect it. it better be funny as hell. REMEMBER: i can't be expecting it.
kinda sucked but whateveer
From HSV.Bang on 2/15/2008 Completed Modify
get 85% + on Amore
yea i dont like that song