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From HSV.Bang on 1/12/2011 Active Modify
Quit being so fucking cool
From DemonHybrid on 1/09/2011 Active Modify
98%+ on Gargoyle and 99.8%+ on King's Theme. Also, for extra credit, quad Etude for a Dragon. 6 Ex? What the fuck? That's awesome.
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 8/09/2010 Active Modify
Why do you have fewer quads than me? Quad Touch Me, Kiss Me Red, Wanna Do, and........ Tribal Style!
I play what I want. Those songs are trife.
From Mr.StraightEdgeKungLao on 5/10/2010 Active Modify
Quad dawn and sunshine -__-
From DAVE101 on 3/22/2010 Active Modify
Pass a dragonforce song already.
From Cock Champion on 1/26/2010 Active Modify
i would like to see you score at least a 97% or higher on HotN.
From JNero - Moderator on 11/24/2009 Active Modify
If you 99 a 12 instead you dont have to 99 your last 10's I'd say either VerTex or Delirium.
I got a 99.82 on Over the Rave. Does that count? :D
From JNero - Moderator on 10/27/2009 Active Modify
99.90% average on 9s and 99 the rest of your 10s.
9s are to a 99.91 average. I don't want to play One False Move or Sweet World, ever again.
From DVogan11 on 9/11/2009 Active Modify
Your FA is definitely up to par, but some of your 10 scores are not. I'm beating you on all of the following by at least a half a percent: -Bouff -Hillbilly Hardcore -Hybrid -One False Move -Sunshine -Sweet World -Vorsprung Durch Techno You need to either SDE or get within .1 of my score on all of these. I'm sure you can SDE all of them except maybe the ones I don't have. Also, you have to send me a constructive challenge back. Get it, you! :p
Oh my god. Worst 10s ever! Why do you think my scores are so low for them. BARF! Ugh fuck you I'll do it. I'm NOT losing to Riodo on Summer in Belize or anything that gay ever again!
From Mr.StraightEdgeKungLao on 12/31/2009 Completed Modify
Bring up one 12 and bring your quad count to 10....also go for the all nines quad...you can do that...if you cared.
Not quadding Disconnected or No. 1 Nation
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 11/02/2009 Completed Modify
Post Fort Rapids on the GS Machine Locations forum so I can add it. =P
From bluechows on 10/31/2009 Completed Modify
96% average on 12's. even though your ! score is a liiie. haha
From Jason on 10/30/2009 Completed Modify
98 Hardcore Symphony (even though that song is awful) and get a new quad!
From Yabya on 10/02/2009 Completed Modify
get a 99% on groovestats. i mean i did it, so you can.
From MrMeatloaf on 9/11/2009 Completed Modify
#1 - I am beating you on Typical Tropical and Driving Force Classical... and you can kick my ass at FA. #2 - Add me.
I'll play Typical Tropical but Driving Force Classical is a waste of time. I'll play it and flag it and never play it again!
From JNero - Moderator on 6/24/2009 Completed Modify
Get an expert quad and a challenge back would be nice.
Spin Chicken!
From DVogan11 on 8/25/2008 Completed Modify
Fill out your scoresheet (you can choose not to play Vertex^2 but you need a passing score for everything else.) and then get your 9s average to a 99.5 and your total average to a 98.5. :]