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From Zane on 8/21/2006 Active Modify
Verse me in a match using only Expert songs and beat me.
From Rookie on 1/22/2006 Active Modify
I don't know how often you play now but...* Hardcore of the North and 100% The Game expert. Those shouldn't be too bad for ya.
From Zane on 1/08/2006 Active Modify
Beat my Ride The Bass score :)
From Matrix Purpose on 11/28/2005 Active Modify
Fill in your scoresheet, and get on top 20 for Expert please thanks. :-D
From topher123890 on 10/30/2005 Active Modify
BEAT MY QUEEN OF LIGHT SCORE, it's too low to be #1 on our machine...
From Dawgbowl on 10/05/2005 Active Modify
Ok Ok, Here's a good one, 99% or higher on energizer hard.
From Rojo-Ky on 2/11/2006 Completed Modify
** The Beginning
From AFAD.sakuneko on 9/08/2005 Completed Modify
5 tri stars and 10 double stars.
From Blabbity on 9/08/2005 Completed Modify
Update your current scores and input a total of 20 scores on expert single.
From Dawgbowl on 9/07/2005 Completed Modify
94% on the beginning... i know you can do this.
From Blabbity on 8/29/2005 Completed Modify
Get that endurance back up and get a 95% or above on Summer Expert Single!