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From 2Lazy on 6/14/2009 Active Modify
mre lol challenge dis 1 can b real tricky whoever u with wen playing itg ask for a num within the total step count is challenge is to gr8 dat step the rest just play as normal i randomly did this with riki wen u got too many ex if i get a chance me and eugene will do a vid if u dnt get wat i mean otherwise keep up the accuracy/stamina
From 2Lazy on 6/03/2009 Active Modify
Anutha Challenge :D u gonna b ur own toastie so every 253 is it? 200 can b an easier combo if u want bt yell TOASTIE get Erin on it as well lol I'll get Euge and probly Tubby as well and as a random side challenge for tekken u yell toastie everytime u Bound or grapple someone, see how long it takes till sum1 slaps u most will laugh though i know i wud
From 2Lazy on 5/26/2009 Active Modify
More random challenge ... u nxt ITG vid any song (preferrably a lol song) u play u give a shoutout to the tekken playr frm aucky and whoever thea playing get them in the vid (Im gonna do Peanut butter Jelly Time) lol
From 2Lazy on 5/15/2009 Active Modify
Yo 1st to gr8 attack a song with SDE dcent and way off SD counts BUT if u miss U FAIL gonna try 2nyt wish me luck ... or 4 sum pizza ... wait if u get the pizza then u WIN http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?PageNbr=1&MemberId=1369081305&PhotoAlbumId=10764735991&PhotoId=10823361306 http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?PageNbr=1&MemberId=1369081305&PhotoAlbumId=10764735991&PhotoId=10823361318 attempt photos it hard bt it fun
From 2Lazy on 5/06/2009 Active Modify
best challenge yet we eat BK @ the same time or sum other food ... ... except mcd fuck dat shit
ok how about we eat.... wendys(old fashioned hamburgers) or dunkin donuts? OH BURNNNNNNNNN :D
From 2Lazy on 5/03/2009 Active Modify
R u tempted in filling in groovestat bt low score i probly gonna start 1st 1 was birdie expert 10.17% enjoi did a vid
dont think i'll make a low scores page but ill try make a low score for u lol
From 2Lazy on 3/20/2009 Active Modify
ok u know that marathon with sail away u told me about well i manage to pass it fuking hard as will try it on intense bt my challenge is for u 2 pass it if u havnt alredy
not gonna play marathons for a while, gotta get good at itg first lol
From zarzob on 11/02/2009 Completed Modify
pass euphoria and pandy by the end of jan and and v^2 by the end of feb
65% v^2 lol
From zarzob on 9/22/2009 Completed Modify
top 3 in the tourney on saturday
lol second
From goldhedgehog on 7/04/2009 Completed Modify
race to passing forever~
From 2Lazy on 4/14/2009 Completed Modify
ok dis 1 old but vertex 1x decel bomerang more cuming and am gonna start those challenges srry ive havnt really been playing itg blame tekken