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To Selks on 11/04/2008 Active Modify
Uh. Tristar Mellow?
To Aves on 11/11/2007 Active Modify
Hmm...One more, I just passed Uber Rave (First pass, and try since we played it at Dave Tourney)...And considering you failed at the tourney, beat it (and kill my score, easily) -- 84.85% ( http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/6757/screen00583cr7.jpg ) -- Yea I tore up my shoes at the end because of the brackets, I was getting tired and forgot that you have to "lift" your feet to move them, haha
To dansteel17 on 11/11/2007 Active Modify
Update your Groovestats more often, heh..
To Aves on 11/11/2007 Active Modify
Double Star Clockwork Genesis :)
To digpic on 9/24/2007 Active Modify
Pass Bloodrush. Any score...Anything over 60 is good for a first pass...And try to do all the half-spins ;)
To Sieg on 9/24/2007 Active Modify
Delirium. Expert. 70%+
To Aves on 9/12/2007 Active Modify
90 Determinator...

Come down to the Falls again, I made homepads, and am getting better scores than at Midway - Mostly, Rofl.

Send me another challenge, I'll be playing 11's and 12's alot more now with these pads, once I finish them, and they can take a constant pounding ;)
To Aves on 7/03/2007 Completed Modify
Tristar Pandemonium on Medium, at least...You have a 96 on it now ;)

Send me a challenge if you want :)
To DarkCore on 2/10/2007 Completed Modify
Break 90% on Destiny [E]
And don't tell me to beat July [E] with 90%+ :P