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From Captain_Mop! on 6/30/2008 Received Modify
Yes, you know me. now post that vid of us at Nanta ;D
From Dan(sbf) on 1/20/2007 Received Modify
yo send me that vid lol
From Shen on 1/08/2007 Received Modify
Oh hey, Ive never seen you before. Im not that great lol, I have to shadow under some of the best in canada here so yea... sup?
From Dan(sbf) on 1/01/2007 Received Modify
I hadn't played for a month so I did really bad =P what version of pokemon? I have up to leaf green lol
From Dan(sbf) on 12/30/2006 Received Modify
yeah I was there, I live in edmonton area and came down for a visit to calgary and wanted to play lol
From AFAD.sakuneko on 8/20/2005 Replied Modify
hi hi ^_^
From Luc Marceau on 8/20/2005 Replied Modify
Why hello there ^^