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From Selks on 9/17/2008 Received Modify
Did funland close down? Wheres the best place in Toronto to play now?
From Dark Serenity on 2/07/2008 Received Modify
Hello hello Aves =) i'm the half white half blond hair girl just in case XD i added you as my buddy here ^^ hihihi, hope to get to meet you better, you weren't really talkative at the tourny =P
From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/26/2008 Received Modify
Glad you were @ GM once again, Hope to see you next year too! Enjoyed watching you play! -Kaz
From newblue22 on 10/08/2007 Received Modify
yeah yeah yeah im finally catching up to you!! XD
From Snicklefritz on 8/28/2007 Received Modify
sup man? i heard ur probly comin to the tourny at the YMCA.
From newblue22 on 7/29/2007 Received Modify
dude you ** go 60 go. wtf? i dont even know you anymore lmao. dont expect any spectacular scores from me till fl pads are fixed. btw am i hardcore enough yet? XD completed your challenge.
From newblue22 on 7/20/2007 Received Modify
lol fl pads are done....i couldve gotten insane scores. anyway, tomorrow is my day bitch! looking through gs and improving all my scores i think i can = your getting owned k k ? i think my temp ban is gone or 1 more day lololol.
From newblue22 on 7/15/2007 Received Modify
can you fucking explain to me how you went up so fucking fast? lmao. your almost .6% ahead of me now......back to the beginning. grrrrr i can improve like crazy if you really want me to. cause your just asking for it mister!
From newblue22 on 6/10/2007 Received Modify
rebeat my summer!!! 92.19 no recalc ;)
From Edgeworth on 5/17/2007 Replied Modify
From newblue22 on 4/11/2007 Received Modify
nice you passed 97% on expert! you should check my profile after saturday to see how much i leap when i update ;)
From Aya on 4/04/2007 Received Modify
hi yo. ^--^ I FINALLY PASSED DETERMINATOR with 80.xx!!!!!!!! xD am I catching up to you now?! >_<; lol.
From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/27/2007 Received Modify
good job @ zakuseth, I've enjoyed watching you play, and I've learned from you!
From BIOECHO on 1/07/2007 Received Modify
WOOT i'm beating your Summer by 1.25% WOOT v ^^ v lol
From psychopat on 2/26/2006 Received Modify
Your PA theme score is outdated.. you've got 99.65 on our machine.
From TJD.Exrave on 2/07/2006 Received Modify
LOL >_> gg. alot of my weak songs are being revealed way too fast =P
From JJK on 11/13/2005 Received Modify