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From TNB.JOMO on 8/17/2007 Received Modify
Sorry i couldn't make it to LZ, I work like nuts to have cash for school. I usually go on my day off, tuesday, if ur around then. 93 seems far away for such a nasty song, but I know its do-able. I just have to keep at it. I get the beginning ok, the crossovers i manage. I can even get through the middle (most of the time) but the jump steps kill me. I've started playing Sphere to practice my speed jumps (for Pandy as well), but the dropped holds always make me lose it.
From TNB.JOMO on 8/16/2007 Received Modify
That sucks that there's no machine where you're going, but hey, top 25, still wicked nice. I'll be better by next summer, I'm gonna try to win the next TGA tournament (ugh except Joel's gonna be there).
From TNB.JOMO on 8/13/2007 Received Modify
One day I'll be as good as you. I swear. I'll train until I'm that good. I've watched you pass Adam Styles, Rynker, DJ Sterf, Kaze, even Cali-mist. you're fuckin amazing dude; total role model.
From bluechows on 3/22/2006 Received Modify
It'd still be nice to see some pictures, by the way.