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  • GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
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From Mircatfly on 12/24/2007 Received Modify
It's a joint machine. It's like a child in joint custody at the moment, but for the sake of simple explanation...yes I do. I'm glad someone still at least checks their messages on this thing. I live in the general DC/Northern VA area right now and NO ONE plays. *sigh* At least no one as good as you plays. :)
From Mircatfly on 12/22/2007 Received Modify
AHHHHH! Just wanted to say hi since I haven't done so in a while. :) My ITG machine has it's own myspace now. www.myspace.com/mircatfly
From -StonedSilent- on 12/11/2007 Replied Modify
sometimes i steo early and then sometimes i step late but most the time it is early
From -StonedSilent- on 12/10/2007 Replied Modify
but i usally play on 3x or 4x
From gradhoney18 on 7/22/2007 Received Modify
Hi, thanks for adding me to your buddy list. So far you are the only person who was nice enough to add me.
From Mircatfly on 12/06/2005 Replied Modify
So when are you coming back to NC? You definately have to come to Crabtree now. The dedicated ITG2 cabinet is $.75/ 5 and the knockoff ITG2 is only $.50/ 5! Well worth it, although I have no stamina. I've gotten a little better in the past month or so, so you'll have to play a round with me when you come back. (By better I mean I am still on Hard but can pass a select few Expert songs...I'm working on it!) I really am trying to get better, so maybe you can give me a few tips...you were always so helpful before to me when you were here! :) Well, hopefully I will see you soon! Be careful!