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From The_One on 1/08/2008 Received Modify
i quit before that storm, i just went because i was asked
From D-k0dE on 5/01/2007 Received Modify
I sorta forgot to check my challenges/messages page for a while >.> My AIM is Dk0dE8677 if you wanna hit me up sometime, and I'll definately be at Storm In The Clear
From DarkCore on 4/01/2007 Received Modify
From DarkCore on 4/01/2007 Received Modify
Oh, haha oops I meant tri-star...I'll edit the challenge once it appears as sent on my PC. Sorry. =P
From D-k0dE on 3/20/2007 Received Modify
Getting sorta to close to your Mythology score, finally FC'd the song, that in itself was a challenge for me, lol, I'm getting there though. Just updated a little bit ago, but I also got a 99.45 on Disconnected Hyper, which really came outa nowhere, I had no idea I was capable of that. Oh yea, and freakin 1 on Da Roots twice earlier tonight, I'm still pissed about that ; ; Still working on your challenges, feel free to send any more, keep in touch. And I added you on DDRecall also, I really only play Extreme, I'm not a big SuperNOVA fan, but I update frequently
From D-k0dE on 3/06/2007 Received Modify
Yea, I been to BGL once b4 a little over a year ago, it's a cool little place. I should more than likely be able to make it there for the tournament, Tyger has honestly never hosted an event that has disappointed anybody and I'm sure this will be no different.
From The_One on 2/22/2007 Received Modify
Whats up man, I don't really remember many ppls from storm, I even heard ppls from my city came down there, and made me even more confused, lol.
From D-k0dE on 2/15/2007 Received Modify
Hey thx, yea, still trying to get Da Roots, but I can only play the same song so many times in one day XD

I get really nervous when I get over 60% or so and still have a blue combo, but really glad to finally get an expert quad, was a chip on my ack for a long time now

I'm really gonna start working on 11's and 12's soon, I need to raise alotta those scores
From D-k0dE on 2/10/2007 Received Modify
Your probably gonna hate me for this, but I got a new high score on Robotix today XD

99.28% 17E 2G

Think ill just change the challenge to *** it, unless u think you beat my new high score o.O
From mynameisjoe! on 2/08/2007 Received Modify
um well u were always better lol especially with 11s and higher but i might be able to hold my own never know
From D-k0dE on 2/05/2007 Received Modify
Thx man, you did really well yourself, a few of your scores still stand on the machine, but many of them including my own are disappearing quick with Kaze making more frequent trips to DL now XD

Nice to hear from you, keep in touch and feel free to send a challenge or two any time.
From Damien on 12/17/2006 Received Modify
uhhh ok but he DID miss, so him having 3 less excellents is completely irrelevant. I don't need to justify myself, we both had a bad day. But if it makes any difference, I was playing Supernova all day prior to the itg tournament and was hitting it really early, and it was my second day ever playing on R11, which is FAR different than what I was used to. Really it doesn't matter either way.
From Damien on 12/13/2006 Received Modify
Hey dipshit, nice job reporting me. Hey guess what, In The Groove arcade machines don't round properly! if you knew any form of math, 1 excellent on Destiny is indeed 99.97, but the machines have a rounding error. Go kill yourself.
From Damien on 12/12/2006 Received Modify


and yeah you're totally right dude, I had 28 on vertex, he had 56. And the final song was robotix, i had 15, he had 19. And in Las Vegas, I got a pad way off in the finals. If they would have given it to me, we would have tied. Suck a free one, bitch.
From Lon on 11/24/2006 Received Modify
Cake =]