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From winterfr3sh on 6/07/2015 Received Modify
Yo I just read your ITG Fanfic story, it was really good! I just started writing a couple stories (Pendulum Act I and Cranked Pastry) so I really found yours inspirational.
From VERTEX KIO on 3/14/2015 Received Modify
que pena podria ayudarme, como hago para que mi memoria la reconozca groovestats para subir los records, es que tengo un panel casero y no se como hacer. gracias
From Figgy20000 on 9/07/2014 Received Modify
Greetings from Canada :) I just started playing Rebirth for the first time in 4 years. Going to see if I can beat some of your scores good luck and friendly challenge <3
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/18/2008 Received Modify
Yeah, that's exactly how I plan on doing it actually. I think the "4." thing is far more annoying than overflowing the line, but both of those can be easily avoided by adding extra lines anyway, so I don't see why people continue to shorten the mod names. Once I get Stepmania working on Ubuntu (lol) I'll modify my copy of machine's metrics and all the other shit that needs to be done. I'm going to be in Pittsburgh in less than two weeks for RMT, but I assume the game room is going to be closed then anyway.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/16/2008 Received Modify
"From simon311A on 11/11/2006: Crap, when's thanksgiving?" <-- Obviously he wasn't going home for Thanksgiving that year
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/16/2008 Received Modify
FUCK, you caught me lying about my dating scores. Don't tell the mods, I don't want to get banned for having a fake girlfriend =(
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/27/2008 Received Modify
Think there's a song named Queef?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/27/2008 Received Modify
Heh, I kinda want to be, but it's SO fucking hard. Playing it just once pretty much kills me for the rest of the day
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/30/2008 Received Modify
urrbody better play by the rules
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/28/2008 Received Modify
lol nice. An even weirder coincidence: Neither of us have tripled Determinator yet. =OO
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/26/2008 Received Modify
Jesus, that's a lot
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/22/2008 Received Modify
Already did the first part
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/21/2008 Received Modify
hi my name is jane and i think I, jane, am ugly. okay bye!!!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/15/2008 Received Modify
Also nice 100 quads
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/13/2008 Received Modify
Nice Bubble Dancers.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/11/2008 Received Modify
Jesus christ, how the FUCK did you get four Hard quads in a day? I'm so behind haha
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/09/2008 Received Modify
Whenever me and my niggas need some PANTS, nigga
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/04/2008 Received Modify
however, 7s, 8s, and 10s, are fine
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/04/2008 Received Modify
9s are too hard, I can't quad them
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/04/2008 Received Modify
I just realized how much of a fag I am. The last four (different) people I sent challenges to all got a challenge involving Pandy, and I didn't even realize that I sent a Pandy challenge to more than one person. I like that song too much.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/21/2008 Received Modify
nvm I'm dumb. I still don't get it though o_O
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/21/2008 Received Modify
wait, what? lol goodbye?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/06/2008 Received Modify
I want to be the camera guy for this video so badly
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/05/2008 Received Modify
Oh god, I can tell already, this is going to be so good.
From Nike.1upped on 1/07/2008 Received Modify
sorry havent been of GS for a while and therefore did not see the backlog of messages from my Quadstar imputs. The point i was trying to prove was specifically directed at Ottawa players but i guess in turn could be made against other players as well. Players here in ottawa have been recently checking their competetors scores and imputting a fake score thats just above it. it has been going on for about a month and a half now, so fed up with it i faked a bunch of Quads and sent them all a message to check my groovestats to show them how absolutely riddiculus they looked. luckally most got the hint and stopped BS'ing so i at least got something good out of it. My real scores now (i suck BTW) are all back in check them out if you'd like. I just wanted to explain why i did that because of all the puzzled pm's i got.
From Zetorux (SOFT PAD NO BAR) on 12/26/2007 Received Modify
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/19/2007 Received Modify
Haha, I dunno, it'd probably be close if you worked on some of the harder charts (you can *definitely* beat 85 on V^2 [H]) and then just tripled the rest of the Hard songs. There are still a couple that you haven't tripled that are REALLY easy, like Monolith, Temple of Boom, Mythology, and Wanna Do (even if it's offsync or whatever). IMO it just seems like you need to work on the harder Hard charts and I need to work on the easier Hard charts.
From newblue22 on 12/18/2007 Received Modify
ya i saw what you mean. I re-entered all of the 12's and bang was one of the ones that duplicated. but it still says i have 13 12's...ill let the mods handle it
From superkirby7 on 12/12/2007 Received Modify
i win but is there anything else you want to race to
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/12/2007 Received Modify
lol I just realized you have a 50% average overall. That's nuts.
From butts47 on 12/05/2007 Received Modify
I'm sorry the date on the machine I played on was wrong. I'm sorry I can't control that, I changed it though so now it shows my modifiers instead. Thanks for your concern titandude21!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/04/2007 Received Modify
lol I wish we were tied on Disconnected -Mobius- and This is Rock & Roll =D
From superkirby7 on 12/03/2007 Received Modify
you got it should be there soon so watch yourself
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/02/2007 Received Modify
lol nice Why Me Easy XD
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/01/2007 Received Modify
Send me a camera that doesn't make me look black and I'll take you up on that offer.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/02/2007 Received Modify
Okay, so I was just looking through some old files on my camera and I found a little video where I recorded the 6e on Incognito. So yeah it was me I guess. lol
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/16/2007 Received Modify
Hmm... well, whatever. I uploaded that score. If I find out later that it wasn't me, I'll just play the song again. It's not a very hard song, I could SDE it (again?) anyway. The old score I had up was 99.25%, in case I do need to put it back.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/16/2007 Received Modify
Actually, it might have been. 99.25% (with a recalced WO!?) is really low, and I KNOW I've beaten that. (Especially since the score is from July, wtf) So now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that was me. I don't know why I didn't write it down though... I don't even think I have a picture of it. I'll look through my screenshots and such later to be sure though.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/16/2007 Received Modify
Holy shit, seriously? I don't remember doing that. But I don't know who else it would have been either. I don't think people often enter my name for themselves. lol I remember I played it recently and did pretty well, but 6e is kind of good, so I dunno. *shrugs* Maybe...
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/02/2007 Received Modify
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/01/2007 Received Modify
Haha yeah, Queen of Light sucks. I think my 98.9 was with a mine or something too. I always do something stupid when I play that song. =(
From xxxxx - Administrator on 9/23/2007 Received Modify
From xxxxx - Administrator on 9/19/2007 Received Modify
What the hell, you still haven't passed Determinator. I'm like 100000% sure you can pass it, I don't know why you haven't yet. lol Just mash it and BS a pass.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 9/09/2007 Received Modify
Wow, I'm surprised that didn't happen a LONG time ago. But yeah, that's good. :P You won't have to worry about him taking any back either.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 9/04/2007 Received Modify
From mklip2001 on 8/14/2007 Received Modify
Oh, and btw, the Mills Mall machine doesn't have 3.5x, or I would've used it. For a song that tricky, I wouldn't have minded. Though I'm sort of glad I used an official speed in the end.
From mklip2001 on 8/14/2007 Received Modify
Thanks about Destiny also and the previous thing... I'll look into the forum at some point. As for Bloodrush, I figured I'd try what I did with Determinator. The slow part got significantly easier, and the fast runs are predictable enough that this was helpful. It's funny how little you can see ahead for the hold-jump parts after the slowdown, though. I also want to warn you, I almost felt like collapsing to some extent at the end. I didn't do very much bracketing, so I used my toes pretty much at the last stretch, and I'm surprised I survived. sufistuk8ed was there to see it... it happened at the Mills Mall.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 8/12/2007 Received Modify
lol but then he'll beat me >_> Yeah, I should do that.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/17/2007 Received Modify
By the way, your weight will fluctuate by at least three pounds throughout any given day, so how are you determining when you should be 115? I can probably be 144 tomorrow if I really want, but in the same day, I could just as easily be 138. *shrug*
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/17/2007 Received Modify
Wow dude, you only weigh 109? That's intense. But that's cool cause I went from 145 to 138 a little while ago. I wish I could get my Groovestats ranking under my weight in pounds. Wait, no I don't, because that would require me to become really fat. I wonder if I'll continue to lose weight over the summer...
From xxxxx - Administrator on 7/11/2007 Received Modify
Your challenge page is huge
From mklip2001 on 7/10/2007 Received Modify
Determinator on 4x is gutsy, but trust me that it works pretty well. I might go back to Euphoria now that I'm finally able to bracket some of these songs, but it still pisses me off. I might consider playing around with alternate views if I'm playing easy stuff, but I don't really see myself using them competitively any time soon.
From mklip2001 on 7/10/2007 Received Modify
Yo, you're now two songs behind on our "race"... You probably have the most chance of passing Summer... the key for me was to really take small steps and do bracket work. It almost didn't work, too, if you look at the screenshot I have. Oh, and I finally doubled Cryosleep :-)
From mklip2001 on 7/06/2007 Received Modify
Yo Henry, I wrote myself a "diary"-like entry about Ayu Trance 2. I figure that if I didn't write it, lots of time would pass and I'd look back at the song and forget the absolute dickery of one or two sections. You might like to check it out in my message section... let me know if you have any comments.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/28/2007 Received Modify
Nah I didn't really get the reference. I figured it was just some random joke you guys came up with that day.
From shady jane on 6/27/2007 Received Modify
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/24/2007 Received Modify
lol I tried to be awesome and quadstar Why Me like you did a while back but I messed up a little... check it out, haha
From mklip2001 on 6/15/2007 Received Modify
Yo, only just saw your quad on Why Me Hard today... nice going!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/13/2007 Received Modify
lol my friend got quad 7s today
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/11/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, one lap around a track is kinda long. I can only sprint it in about a minute. And when you think about it, a minute is a really long time to be sprinting.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 6/11/2007 Received Modify
"hop on one foot for one entire lap around a standard 400 meter track without falling over or stopping. complete this challenge using only your left foot and only your right foot. trust me, this is a lot harder than it sounds." --- Your leg is going to hurt. We did a similar excercise in soccer, except it involved repeatedly hopping over seven soccer balls (which forced us to jump a lot higher). It was a long exercise; it usually took about an hour. Haha, everybody was so afraid of "Sevens." Anyway, I was kind of good at it, but if you haven't used your leg muscles (a lot), then it will own you afterwards. This is all common sense, but remember to stop immediately if your knees start hurting.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/30/2007 Received Modify
Hmm, I think you have a point about beating the game with that Clockwork score... and on second thought, I was never very good at The Game, it took me forever to triple it. So it just might be impossible to beat (The Game)^2
From Zetorux (SOFT PAD NO BAR) on 5/29/2007 Received Modify
haha okay
From Zetorux (SOFT PAD NO BAR) on 5/29/2007 Received Modify
I beat your Sweet World again >_>
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/28/2007 Received Modify
lol at the softpad challenges
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/21/2007 Received Modify
haha that sounds dirty >_>
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/06/2007 Received Modify
Oh yeah, I know, I just thought it was funny.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 5/05/2007 Received Modify
Haha you're beating me on Spacy Crazy Girl by rounding. XD But I say you beat me anyway because when I played it I had two greats. wtf =(
From DivX on 4/11/2007 Received Modify
I'll be up at CMU 5pm on friday. I'll be with MIDI, so we all need to go out and play ITG that night, you up for it?
From mklip2001 on 4/05/2007 Received Modify
We're now even on number of passed songs. I beat Energizer today. Probably after the tourney, I'll play the rest for the heck of it to get scores recorded. Last I checked, this puts me one rank ahead of the guy with most of the records on Pitt's machine, CLC.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/29/2007 Received Modify
I should send you a new challenge: Be first on Groovestats in a week. GOGOGOGOGOGO
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/29/2007 Received Modify
"Get n+1 triple stars whenever you reach n triple stars." What do you do when you get 113 triples?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/24/2007 Received Modify
I think you guys are subconsciously getting back at me for taking the record. >_>
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/20/2007 Received Modify
I say go with what the machine would say (ie. don't round up). Let's say you get a 98.99 on some random song. If you were to substitute a fantastic for a (pad) miss in a similar hypothetical situation, and recalcing it was somehow able to give you a 99.00, I don't think you should use that score because 1) that "pad" miss could have really been an excellent, or worse (or more commonly, it was really your fault)... and 2) why give yourself a bonus for screwing up? No matter how bad the pads are, setting the sensor off is better than not setting it off. (or vice versa if it's a way off problem) So giving yourself the 0.01% (and more significantly, the trip-star) is kind of ridiculous. But I'm sure people do it anyway. *shrug*
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/19/2007 Received Modify
I don't know. In those cases, I'd say just don't screw up so that a recalc isn't necessary. Nearly all "pad errors" are due to footwork that doesn't agree with the pads anyway. :P
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/07/2007 Received Modify
Heh, you got a 97.88 on Tough Enough. That was my score on that song for about two months. It's like the hardest song to ** ever. =(
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/03/2007 Received Modify
I've thought about it. The only thing is, I still wouldn't play the easy songs much. Plus, logging in and logging out to update both would be a bit of a pain. I still may eventually, I don't know.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 3/02/2007 Received Modify
lol he cheats, I saw him use the bar >_>
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/26/2007 Received Modify
Btw, the thing I said about not having any time to play ITG still stands. I just had to borrow some sleep time and exchange it for ITG time to get scores this morning. rofl, I should send you a challenge to get somebody else to send you a GS message other than me. :P
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/26/2007 Received Modify
Hehe, I beat it =( And though I may be a slow-footed child, I did happen to get another score... >_>
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/25/2007 Received Modify
I just noticed I have all the messages on your "wall" of sorts. That's pretty funny. :P
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/25/2007 Received Modify
That's true. Hmm. Well I'll try, but I won't be playing very much in the near future because of fucking school. Actually, my ITG performance has been suffering in general. I haven't really been working on improving at all, and I have so little free time anymore. It's depressing. On the other hand, I have like... what, 13 days?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/16/2007 Received Modify
I believe you have more 12s passed than Pickles... *rofl*
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/14/2007 Received Modify
also play Energizer again
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/14/2007 Received Modify
I'm sitting beside you in Physics omgomgomg
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/11/2007 Received Modify
memorize the stepchart itgfreak gogogogogogogogogogo
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/11/2007 Received Modify
71 on VerTex? You must be failing _right_ at the end.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/05/2007 Received Modify
Ooh, I see... heheh, you should have taken No Princess while you had the chance XD
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/04/2007 Received Modify
fixed, thanks
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/03/2007 Received Modify
You think if I start driving now, I'll make his Monday office hours? :P
From xxxxx - Administrator on 2/01/2007 Received Modify
Being sick screwed me up. I need my hardcore stamina back. :( I was actually TIRED after Beautiful Child today... WTF!? Plus, the score sucked.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/29/2007 Received Modify
Dude, Delirium... nice... Hey, pass Euphoria and HotN. Then get HS and VerTex. You'll probably get at least 2/4 of those very soon. After that, it gets hard. Heh, I want to see you pass Determinator. =)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/24/2007 Received Modify
Oh yeah, and about V^2... yeah... >_> .... 1.5x hallway and 2x hallway. Only for the 555 BPM part. The mashing shit at the end is still horrible, but I tried staying upright and stepping more lightly and I think it helped. *shrug* I could probably just do it on 2x hallway though..maybe
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/24/2007 Received Modify
You also missed my Holy Orders game. It was pretty funny. I got through all the 24th streams and I was like "YES" ... and then I spontaneously failed for no reason. :( But yeah, I could raise Summer and Pandy still. Especially pandy. I wasn't really trying for the jumpy stuff at the beginning of the song; I was just going for FA mostly. My average is kinda better now, heh
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/17/2007 Received Modify
Nice job on bang... now wtf, why haven't you passed Destiny?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/14/2007 Received Modify
Dude, these people are so using our free credits >_> lolz0rz
From xxxxx - Administrator on 1/13/2007 Received Modify
OMG, I need to go play RIGHT NOW
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/14/2006 Received Modify
Yeah... I highly doubt I'll get to play much over break. The problem is, the nearest machine is over an hour away, so I'm kind of fucked in that respect. I hope I don't suck when I come back. =( I fucking hate winter break.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/14/2006 Received Modify
Well, Monolith is just hard in general. Not only does it have some extremely difficult patterns (most of which involve doing a triplet and hitting the same note right after it... this can be hard to read on a slow arrow speed), but it's also (in my opinion) the most stamina-draining 11. And if you actually do the hands, it's a whole lot more tiring. You're probably a lot closer to passing Utopia. =P But still remember that stopping because you're tired is never a valid excuse. ;-)
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/06/2006 Received Modify
Wow, they added a new feature in the time it took me to walk back from the ITG machine to my dorm... which was about 5 minutes. lol
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/06/2006 Received Modify
OMG gr00vestats looks different now
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/05/2006 Received Modify
That's okay, I can just play it again to see what I got. Thanks for checking, though
From xxxxx - Administrator on 12/05/2006 Received Modify
Oh dude, thanks! :-D It was bothering me that I didn't have a score for that one. By chance, would you have a recent screenshot of me playing Spaceman? I think I played it the same round I played Bouff, so I'm thinking if your card got Bouff, you might have the Spaceman score as well.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/29/2006 Received Modify
(Your challenge to Chris) "get 3 new double stars and 94+ on Hardcore Symphony (it's almost 6% lower than your next lowest 11)" Damn, I was going to beat that Hardcore Symphony score too... rofl. I'm exactly 1% behind. He'll star it within a few weeks, probably. I think the weird pivot things at the beginning were the only things messing him up, and I know he got a lot better at those a while back. *shrug*
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/20/2006 Received Modify
Yeah, you might not be able to put line-breaks in messages at all due to the way they format <BR>. =\
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/20/2006 Received Modify
Yeah, for more clarifcation on the <BR> tag in relation to this site... A <BR> will return a line-break only when you edit challenges. If you post a challenge or a message, the <BR> won't be formatted, and it will be displayed as shown here (as "<BR>"). I don't know why they do it like that, but that's just the repsective formatting styles they use. As for the spacing thing, that's just to break up huge lines. If you have a large line of text without any spaces or characters that would "break" the string and force it into the next line, it stretches the layout of the page. So when you paste large URLs, you can put 1-3 spaces in there to keep the page from getting fux0red. Or maybe use something like tinyurl to get a ~22 character url. Though, in the case of the challenge, it's faster for me to just click "Compare scores" and see where I stand.
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/17/2006 Received Modify
Use the <BR> tag. It returns a line-break in HTML, and they allow you to use it on here.
From simon311A on 11/11/2006 Received Modify
Crap, when's thanksgiving?
From xxxxx - Administrator on 10/12/2006 Received Modify
lol you keep giving people these hardass challenges :-P