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From MURDER.kyd0 on 12/31/2008 Received Modify
haha! thanks, bro!
From Dr. S on 12/24/2008 Received Modify
Re-apply for an AIJ account. That's what I did, and my account got approved the next day because Aaron is back for the time being.
From MURDER.kyd0 on 12/19/2008 Replied Modify
the creator doesn't give out his themes. i don't even have it. it's just on the machine. sweet theme, though, right?

I totally would if I had it, though.
From Dr. S on 12/06/2008 Replied Modify
I FEC'd the first run of This Calling, and then barely FC'd the second run. Failed in the 3rd stream with somewhere in the high 20% range, because I REALLY fucked up the beginning, and got loads of NC's. That was around 3-4 months ago. I'd say I was in my prime as far as footspeed's concerned back then. I think you just stole all of my stamina and footspeed to add onto your own, already awesome, stamina and footspeed. I want it back now. :P
From Dr. S on 12/04/2008 Replied Modify
I didn't play for two weeks, I played again, and then I discovered that I couldn't stream 200 bpm runs for anywhere near as long as I could before before my legs give out, and I could barely even HIT 215 bpm runs, when I used to be able to FC at least a couple in This Calling. I hoped it would go away, but it's not. I think I'm gonna try playing in some heavier (skate) shoes for a while, and play some no bar so that I can work my stamina back up when I go back to the bar, and put my frees back on.
From Dr. S on 11/11/2008 Received Modify
Hey, at least it's not as bad as Paul. He had flagged Kalidoscope on the 3rd to last step.
From Dr. S on 11/09/2008 Replied Modify
Yeah. That song's not really that hard, but that's a really nice FA on it.
From Dr. S on 10/28/2008 Received Modify
Well, I just started gym, motherfucker. So I'm going to be excercising every day, and working my cardiovascular on a regular basis. You know what that means? MOAR STAMINA!!!!!!!!
From Dr. S on 10/07/2008 Received Modify
Rynker happened. He never has permission from BZ before hacking. Also, he made a program so that slax will run the ITG intro vid when he hits a button, so it looks like everything's normal. I was refering to if Paul tried to hack it, because he said they wouldn't let him anymore.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 10/04/2008 Received Modify
From No Rescores - Moderator on 10/04/2008 Replied Modify
Lol at us being .05% apart and 5 ranks away at the same time.
From Dr. S on 9/28/2008 Received Modify
You know that there's more than 1 person working at a time, right? Pat's in the minority, and would probably get in trouble if he got caught. Not saying it can't/won't be done, I'm just saying that it'll be difficult.
From Dr. S on 9/28/2008 Replied Modify
I'm pretty sure they do. Also, have you seen the new location? It's directly out in the open. There's no way to hack the machine without getting caught.
From Dr. S on 9/28/2008 Replied Modify
Oh, not even to me? :(
Anyway, they won't let anyone hack Naperville anymore, because they think it'll mess up the machine, or something like that, or else Paul would've put on a LOT more stuff by now. And nice scores. I'm gonna star Precious Jerblahblahblah soon. I just need to get my stamina a little more consistant.
From Dr. S on 9/27/2008 Replied Modify
Wow, awesome stuff. I like the first SS better, but that's just my opinion, they both look great. To be honest, I'm surprised, you don't seem like the kind of person who'd be into theming, but whatever. I think you should try to remove the arrow from the background. And you should post those at Rhythmatic if/once they're completely done. I'm sure people would like them.
From Dr. S on 9/27/2008 Replied Modify
Sure, that'd be cool. Also, you should've been keeping up with ITGFreak. It helps you know what's going on so much more, even if you only troll, and never post, it's still nice to be in the loop. For example, I bet you didn't know that Jim passed Strangeprogram at Woodridge. Anyway, it stands for Ultimate Naruto Fan. It's a huge thing with this one guy who revived the forum.
From Dr. S on 9/12/2008 Received Modify
Ok, last update. Probably between 6 and 6:30, 7 at the latest.
From Dr. S on 9/12/2008 Received Modify
Ends up that I'll probably get there between 4:30 and 5:30. I need to wait for my mom to give me a ride home before I can leave for Woodridge.
From Dr. S on 9/11/2008 Received Modify
I'm going to be at Woodridge tomorrow, sometime after 4, most likely. You should go to keep me company, because I'm headed to U of I on Saturday for another football game. Also, Pope hacked the machine. I'll give you more details on the hack once I've played on it over the weekend.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 9/04/2008 Received Modify
From Dr. S on 9/01/2008 Received Modify
Btw, http://rhythmatic.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=508245#508245 I didn't put much effort into the first, and the second one was put together this afternoon. Evidently, the second is synced really early, just to warn you.
From Dr. S on 9/01/2008 Received Modify
If you ever kept track of the Rhythmatic forums, you'd know.
From Dr. S on 8/31/2008 Received Modify
http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/DrShmietenhagen/screen00236-1.jpg ________Blue to 30%, 3 to 80% Almost beat your current score.
From Dr. S on 8/24/2008 Replied Modify
You said 13ex on Zombie, but what about Yes Dance. What's the score you have on that?
From Dr. S on 8/23/2008 Replied Modify
Did you try it?
From Dr. S on 8/20/2008 Received Modify
Alright, will do. I doubt I'm gonna be able to get out there because of EYSO camp. Maybe next weekend.
From Dr. S on 8/19/2008 Replied Modify
Btw, link for r2112 http://r21freak.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=908
From Dr. S on 8/18/2008 Received Modify
That's awesome. Thanks for reminding me that I need to play it again. I haven't played it since summer started.
From Dr. S on 8/14/2008 Received Modify
From Dr. S on 8/14/2008 Received Modify
I'm going to Gameworks in Schaumburg today to play some DDR Extreme, and check out the ITG 1 machine they have there. I'm gonna be there around noon, you should totally come hang out with me so I don't get bored.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 8/09/2008 Received Modify
I already starred it so I was hoping you could do better. I will make the challenge a little bit easier.
From Dr. S on 8/07/2008 Replied Modify
Just looked it up, actually. You live an hour and 45 minutes away, and I live 2 hours away.
From Dr. S on 8/07/2008 Received Modify
It's in Wisconsin. I'm pretty sure YOU live pretty far away too. Besides, isn't there a train that runs through Racine? Also, you didn't answer my question. :P
From Dr. S on 8/07/2008 Replied Modify
Wait, when are you going to Racine, and who with? I wanna go!
From Dr. S on 7/25/2008 Received Modify
I tested the sensors. When looking down at the pad, the left, right, and up sensors on the top arrow aren't working. Only the inside most sensor actually READS anything. The Bottom and Right sensors on the right arrow are out, and the down sensor on the left arrow. The down arrow is perfect. You just use the inside sensors a lot more than I do, while I step farther out on the arrow, thus increasing my rate of pad shit. I just wish someone would freaking fix the sensors. I would, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't know what I'm doing, and I'd mess them up even more than they already are.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/25/2008 Received Modify
nope, sorry
From Dr. S on 7/25/2008 Replied Modify
I might go on Saturday. I'll warn you now, though. The pads are total shit. I played 20 songs today, and there were only 2-3 where I DIDN'T get some kind of pad error.
From Dr. S on 7/25/2008 Replied Modify
So you want me to star it? Man, that's gonna be tough. Although it's possible, provided I can combo the ending of it.
From Dr. S on 7/24/2008 Replied Modify
Wait, so what is the challenge? Get that score with the corosponding average?
From Dr. S on 7/24/2008 Replied Modify
You REALLY need to 90 Determinator now. I got 91.91% with a few pad WO's and Decents, I don't care about recalcing it, I'm happy with over a 90.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/21/2008 Received Modify
Yeah, so we will see what happens.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/21/2008 Replied Modify
on like Satuday maybe. I have heard that most BZs want to sell there machines. So im just pissed even more.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/20/2008 Received Modify
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/20/2008 Replied Modify
something like I go to Brunswick Zone then i dont know the rest.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 7/20/2008 Replied Modify
yes exactly. lmao
From Dr. S on 7/11/2008 Replied Modify
There you go, that Pandy vid is uploading. Why do you even WANT that Infernoplex vid? You got around a 95%, and you already have a better video up on your own account.
From Dr. S on 7/08/2008 Received Modify
Aright, I guess I still suck too much at Vertex², Pandy, and Bloodrush to get a 98% average. I'll get it by the end of the month. :P
From Dr. S on 7/05/2008 Received Modify
Can't right now, because I'm in Florida. I'm going to be home next week, so I might be able to get those videos up soon.
From No Rescores - Moderator on 6/21/2008 Replied Modify
I didnt know you are in a band
From Dr. S on 6/09/2008 Received Modify
Yeah....That'll probably take a little longer.....
From Dr. S on 6/09/2008 Received Modify
http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/DrShmietenhagen/screen00196.jpg.............................That's about all I have to say..........Oh, and it's dedicated to Paul. <3 Robot.
From Dr. S on 5/30/2008 Received Modify
:'( Also, I think one reason you're not so interested in playing anymore is because you're never around when other people are. That happened to me last summer. I got really bored because I was the only person playing on the machine for about 4 straight hours. Saturdays in general are great days to go to woodridge. Anna, Matt(Terminator), Joe(All 3 from oaklawn) come there sometimes, plus Chris, and Joe on occasion. Paul's usually there, and now so is Jim(Aoreo). Although Paul works at Blockbuster now, so he won't be there as often.
From Dr. S on 5/30/2008 Replied Modify
Yeah, I doubt it. Most people have a 99 average before they star it. Btw, are you coming to SCORE?
From Dr. S on 5/30/2008 Received Modify
Good, because I'm only .6% away from you, or something like that, and at the rate you were going last year, that difference should definitly be higher.
From Dr. S on 5/30/2008 Replied Modify
You need to come to Woodridge more often, and for longer amounts of time. I've been there about 5ish days over the last 3 weeks, and I haven't seen you once.
From chrisslugma on 5/30/2008 Replied Modify
that would be awesome.
but no, unfortunately not, at least not yet.
I did drive and wash a sexy 08 vette though.
Pretty bitchin.
Im learning to drive stick shift, its baller as fuck.
From Dr. S on 5/24/2008 Replied Modify
.38% increase in 2 weeks = happy me even more. :D
From chrisslugma on 5/23/2008 Replied Modify
woo grats on the job.
i workk at this place called silver auto.
prettymuch wash cars all day.
From chrisslugma on 5/18/2008 Replied Modify
Haha wow I knew I spelt it wrong, yeah my bad. I've been exhausted lately.
I work 5 days a week, 9 hours a day and 5 or so hours every other saturday... on top of playing ITG every few days. I'm wiped.
From chrisslugma on 5/16/2008 Replied Modify
Oh hey baby, I took my thrown back. :D

Passed a few new songs last night, Determinator Long Version 92.09, Brett's Through the Fire and the Flames 94.82, and Return of Salieri 90.92.
From Dr. S on 5/10/2008 Received Modify
So. 6 new tristars + 0.15% overall average increase in 2 days = happy me. :D
From chrisslugma on 5/09/2008 Received Modify
Maybe one day, I'll want to pursue that.
From chrisslugma on 5/04/2008 Received Modify
Well that would be bitchin.
From chrisslugma on 5/02/2008 Replied Modify
Yeah man I havn't seen you in forever, we need to meet up sometime at BZN and have a few matches ;)

Are you gonna go to the tourney in Chicago June 14th? If you need details let me know, and I'll hook you up with them.
From chrisslugma on 4/27/2008 Replied Modify
Because I love you so much.


<3 way offs. the miss was all me though.
From chrisslugma on 4/18/2008 Replied Modify
pandemonium screen shot please.
From Dr. S on 4/12/2008 Replied Modify
Acid Rain is in the same simfile pack that you should have gotten Animate-Inatimate from.
From chrisslugma on 4/04/2008 Received Modify
Yeah. Thats the theme out at Oak Lawn.
From Dr. S on 3/23/2008 Received Modify
It's gotten a lot easier suddenly. I FFC'd the runs. And got most of my excellents all in a row around 30-40%
From Dr. S on 3/23/2008 Replied Modify
I think you, me, Joe, and Spooty should make Team Woodridge, since we're the only 4 on the ranking list.
From Dr. S on 3/22/2008 Received Modify
So, check out my scores on Solina, Robuttix, and Sunshit. I kinda like them, how about you? ;D
From Dr. S on 3/16/2008 Received Modify
Sounds good to me. ;D
From Dr. S on 3/14/2008 Replied Modify
Three things.

1) I hate how I was just going to mention how proud I was of my HotN score, since it's my first 12 * and you had to go show me up like that.

2) I like how I'm beating your score on The Beginning, and my score was from at least 3-4 months ago.

3) I could probably get that Energizer score pretty easily, if I were smart enough to actually FC it.

4) Um...You need to up your Bloodrush score, now that you've actually put it into groovestats.
From Dr. S on 3/09/2008 Replied Modify
Oh, and I'm glad to see that you finally filled out all of your scores. I figured that you could easily get a 98 overall if you just filled out Bloodrush and V^2.
From Dr. S on 3/08/2008 Received Modify
Look at my Turn It On score. And before you say anything, the great was bullshit.
From Dr. S on 3/07/2008 Received Modify
Check it out, I'm ranked number one at Woodridge! :D I requested it to be added to groovestats, so change it to your regular location. I'm feeling lonely right now.
From Dr. S on 3/06/2008 Received Modify
Teach me the ways of the not sucking at Pandy.
From Dr. S on 3/02/2008 Received Modify
Hey, have you tried This Calling yet? I tried today, and got to the end of the first chorus run before failing with 12%. You could probably get pretty far into it. Try it, if you haven't already.
From Dr. S on 2/26/2008 Received Modify
So check out the nice conversation I've been having with someone who works at BZN. Manager prehaps since he said he owned it. But I doubt the manager is that big of an asshole.

From chrisslugma on 2/16/2008 Replied Modify
And I really want a picture of uber rave...
From chrisslugma on 1/23/2008 Replied Modify
So I want a picture of this mythology score. :)
From Dr. S on 1/22/2008 Received Modify
Probably Woodridge. It's hacked. It's nice and open, so no one can just sneek in corners to steal your shit. People DON'T steal your shit. Less annoying people, although annoying people are still present. And very sexy pads. And it's not that much farther from BZN, only about 15 extra minutes.
From Dr. S on 1/20/2008 Replied Modify
So what the fuck is with the machine. Evidently, BZL's machine got stuck in a constant booting cycle, so BZN GAVE them OUR hard drive. Now we don't have a working hard drive, they do (even though the pads are sucking ass more than BZN's ever did/will) and BZL's Hard drive is nowhere to be found......Yeah....I'm pissed right now....
From Dr. S on 12/09/2007 Received Modify
Woah, lot's of other scores today. I got 90.07% on Euphoria, 98.xx% on Infection, and 91.11% on Summer. O.o
From Dr. S on 12/09/2007 Received Modify
I have no idea, it was the last song I played before I left. Also, I just like the Tell and Euphoria scores because I upped both by about 16%
From Dr. S on 12/08/2007 Replied Modify
Dude, check out MY hot new scores. I was playing at BZN for less than a full hour today, and I upped my Determinator, Tell, and Euphoria scores by very large amounts.
From chrisslugma on 12/03/2007 Received Modify
haha yeah man. i know what you mean.
i could probably raise my average so much if i actually played itg 9's and 10's.. i could raise about all of them guarenteed but i just dont. i only play 11's and 12's from itg and the rest are hacked songs lol.

stamina working is fun.

but hey im catching up slowly on euphoria ;]
From chrisslugma on 11/30/2007 Replied Modify
hahaha i was just kidding dude.
i dont have any verification either
From chrisslugma on 11/25/2007 Replied Modify
boy you really should consider validating your scores.

i mean you havnt had any validated lately.

they are probably all fake!
From chrisslugma on 11/19/2007 Received Modify
yeah next time you are online ill for sure send it to you.
From chrisslugma on 11/19/2007 Replied Modify
haha yeah.
woah i realized i had the salieri's backwards.. i thought you passed return of salieri i was like OH SHIT.
but thats still a nice pass.. i havnt tried it yet so i dunno what i can do on it.

i got an 87 on beautiful synergy today though.. at the end of my 2nd day in a row of playing.. if i was fresh i coudl rape that song.
From Kanji666 on 11/18/2007 Replied Modify
^_^ thank you!
From chrisslugma on 11/18/2007 Replied Modify
oh well im sorry mr. ihavesomuchstaminanow.
guess ill just play catch up.

man raise your summer score.
i know you can do way better.
From Dr. S on 11/17/2007 Replied Modify
Wow, way to go. Were the 24ths really that easy for you?
From chrisslugma on 11/17/2007 Replied Modify
lawl get the fuck out of here!
whats the most outrageous thing youve passed lately?
and what are you working on?
From chrisslugma on 11/16/2007 Replied Modify
mann.. euphoria is a cock.
and dont get me started on anubis.
From chrisslugma on 11/13/2007 Received Modify
hey i finally play itg songs again.. i need challenges.
From chrisslugma on 11/11/2007 Received Modify
wow you really have improved.
stop it.
From chrisslugma on 11/11/2007 Replied Modify
Don't mind me.. just passed Dokudenpa today.. 84.xx
From Dr. S on 11/10/2007 Replied Modify
Well, even if you don't SAY it, you still want to pass it...
From Dr. S on 11/09/2007 Replied Modify
I'm pretty sure YOU said that you're trying Return of Salieri...
From -Wej- on 11/05/2007 Replied Modify
Well done jump in skill, home boy. Aw yeah.
From chrisslugma on 11/04/2007 Received Modify
oooh.. i forgot to mention that i passed determinater when i was crippled in the hospital...
From chrisslugma on 11/04/2007 Replied Modify
my determinator score is higher than yours.
bahahah <3
From Kanji666 on 10/27/2007 Replied Modify
Dude! Gratz! lol, now try for Return of Salieri! It's quite a bit harder, but it doesn't have anywhere near as many crossovers....it's just faster...>_<
From chrisslugma on 10/16/2007 Received Modify
im talking about the bzh machine.
the right side up arrow is shitty.
and the rest of the arrows.. you have to stomp otherwise you get bullshit.
its dumb.
but hey.
i passed determinator today. 78
i rock
From Dr. S on 10/15/2007 Received Modify
I'm still going to mainly go to Naperville, but I'm going to be going to Roselle from time to time, probably starting in about 2 weeks.
From Dr. S on 10/14/2007 Replied Modify
Oh, and did you notice that Damien started playing again?
From Dr. S on 10/13/2007 Received Modify
Looks like I'm the last one to make it to the table. My Hardcore Symphony score went from 79 to 92. Also, I finally passed OWA, but I need to improve the score a bit.
From Dr. S on 10/08/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, way to go. And I'm sorry I couldn't make it today, I have a lot of homework.
From Dr. S on 10/08/2007 Replied Modify
Screw....You....Although I would hopefully be able to do better on it now since I haven't played in a while.
From Dr. S on 10/07/2007 Replied Modify
No, good job on that. Man, I got about 50-60% through the run on Uber Rave, and the last 3 jump steps in OWA when I went to U of I for the game this weekend. I'll get OWA soon, hopefully.
From chrisslugma on 10/07/2007 Replied Modify
they didnt have it yet.
it came the following sunday.
how shitty.
but our pads are getting fucked too.
no one is really taking care of the machine out here these days.
it sucks.
one pad is decent but the bar on it is so fucked
From chrisslugma on 10/06/2007 Replied Modify
dude i was there like. 2 weeks ago.
you missed me again.
ill try and get there again soon.
From Dr. S on 10/05/2007 Replied Modify
Dude, why didn't you tell me we had PIU: Pro!? IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!!
From Dr. S on 10/01/2007 Replied Modify
I see you finally passed summer. But what happened to the 89 I was hearing so much about?
From Kanji666 on 9/28/2007 Replied Modify
Dammit! I have so much schoolwork! I want to send you the filez, but i'm never available! If you want all of Mungyodance 1 and 2, they are on Boxorroxors.net.....just lettin' ya know i didn't just forget! ^_^
From Dr. S on 9/28/2007 Replied Modify
.....I hate you.....I can't play that song for fuck...
From Dr. S on 9/23/2007 Replied Modify
It's a good score NOW. But when you sent me the message, it was still below mine.
From Kanji666 on 9/23/2007 Replied Modify
^_^ lol, sure i'll send FD, but be warned....it's REALLY hard......I had a lotta trouble with it for the first few tries....I hope your computer feels better soon.....
From Dr. S on 9/22/2007 Replied Modify
Then why does your score still suck? =/
From Kanji666 on 9/21/2007 Replied Modify
Thanks, and....WOW! Dokudenpa is freaking hard! (lol, it's also one of my favorite songs to listen to! ^_^) You should have most other insanely hard sims in the bag quite quickly!
From Dr. S on 9/21/2007 Replied Modify
Noice...Hm, I guess you just suck at that song. You definitly need to star that. I guess it's charts with 8th note crossovers, like Hardcore Symphony.
From Dr. S on 9/16/2007 Replied Modify
Well, my stamina's definitly getting better, since I passed Summer 3 times, Determinator once, got 1/4 through the first run in Dokudenpa, and 41% through OWA yesterday.
From Dr. S on 9/10/2007 Received Modify
Uh.....Nothing...Score? =)
From Dr. S on 9/06/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, you have a point there. Especially in Determinator, I nailed the run. I'm just hoping those weren't all fluke passes.
From Dr. S on 9/06/2007 Replied Modify
Holy shit, I passed Pandy 2 songs after you left today. Then I passed Determinator with 80% even without getting low health during the run the set after that. Then I passed Euphoria with a 70something the set after that! How the hell did I do that!?
From Dr. S on 9/02/2007 Replied Modify
Sweet! I'm sure you're gonna mop the floor, now that your FA and Stamina has increased so much. You'll probably be able to get tristars on 10's and 11's soon, no problem. Btw, do you know what time you're going to Roselle tomorrow?
From Dr. S on 9/02/2007 Received Modify
Wow, just realized you already were tristaring 10's, well, you should be able to at least pass bloodrush, and up that stupid score on hardcore symphony.
From Dr. S on 8/31/2007 Replied Modify
Nice one. I love that song. I don't care what you say about it, I think it's a pretty good stepchart.
From Kanji666 on 8/20/2007 Replied Modify
Holy sh*t! Quad!?!?! And nice on Thunderforce, you'll get it soon!
From Dr. S on 8/14/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, I remember that. That was back when I was all like, "Zomg blue combo!? me has never seen blu comb-0 be4!!!11!"
From Dr. S on 8/14/2007 Replied Modify
Yeah, I can imagine. I get nervous on Psalm Pilot, right after the crossover hold thing. I'm not worried about a blue combo, I just get nervous that I'm gonna fuck up. That happens every time I play some of the easier expert songs.
From Dr. S on 8/12/2007 Replied Modify
Dude, way to go on that first Quad star. Congratulations! :D
From Dr. S on 8/09/2007 Received Modify
Are you and/or Joe going to be at BZ on Saturday?
From Kanji666 on 8/08/2007 Received Modify
Hmmm....with the exception of the 24ths, the only thing harder in Holy Orders is the step-jumps. The thing is, Orders has both of those things in short segments, while the rest of the song is continuous, slow streams (easy). On the other hand, Thunderforce is relatively fast, with many, LONG, fast streams, and the occasional step-jumps (harder than the Orders' ones!). Though if the 24ths kill you, just work on footspeed (aka Determinator!). I just passed Emerald Sword today, can't wait till you pass it! ^_^
From Dr. S on 8/08/2007 Replied Modify
Gah, I played WinDEU Hates You today. It's the best course EVER!!! I got to the last song in Normal mode before failing, and to Robotix on Intense. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c223/DrShmietenhagen/screen00090.jpg
I just can't get over how amazing this course is. I think I'm just gonna whore it until I can at least pass it on Normal.
From Kanji666 on 8/08/2007 Replied Modify
nice job on infernoplex! That song is so awesome! Good luck on holy thunderforce and holy orders, personally i think orders is a lot easier than thunderforce, but that's just opininon ^_^. Lol, my score on both were exactly the same for quite a while, i just bumped up my holy orders score though... Good Luck!
From Dr. S on 8/06/2007 Received Modify
Dude, you absolutly must convince WinDEU to let one of our machines get the WinDeu Hates You course. That thing is freaking amazing. I'd really like to see some people try to pass that.
From Dr. S on 8/05/2007 Received Modify
I can't make it Tuesday. I'm going to have a voice lesson then. But I'm definitly going to be there tomorrow from about 11am-5pm.
From Dr. S on 8/05/2007 Replied Modify
Sorry, I had to go shopping with my family, and I didn't end up getting home until about 7:30. I'm gonna try to make it to BZ a few times this week.
From chrisslugma on 7/31/2007 Replied Modify
plus another thing you dont know, all these knew scores im getting have been in skate shoes, sooo friggen heavy compared to my frees obviously, so my plan is to get all new scores in skate shoes, on 11's and up, and then go back and play them again in frees and get even higher scores cuz the songs will be so much easier that way. im so smart. =]
From Dr. S on 7/30/2007 Received Modify
But before I whore HotN, I'm gonna whore Soapy Bubble. I wanna fill out my freaking 10's.
From Dr. S on 7/30/2007 Received Modify
Fine, I'll just do it as my last round every time, then next time I go. But who knows when that'll be. I've got band camp from 8am - 4pm every day this week.
From chrisslugma on 7/30/2007 Replied Modify
hard mode just bores me.
i play like 5 songs of it and i get sick of it.
oh boy i can triple a 7.
youll prolly beat me to that challenge cuz i cant get myself to play all of those shitty ass songs on hard mode.. let alone on expert.
From chrisslugma on 7/30/2007 Replied Modify
Is it bad that I almost have more expert ***'s than I do hard ones?
I got 12 yesterday, a few are real hot. =]
From Dr. S on 7/29/2007 Replied Modify
Yeah, the only problem is the fact that stamina is one of my biggest weakpoints. I haven't even passed HotN or Euphoria yet. This's gonna suck.
From Dr. S on 7/28/2007 Received Modify
I've been looking through some of your pics. I thought you liked your stars on the left. Why'd you change it? Now they're all pointing to the right.
From Kanji666 on 7/28/2007 Replied Modify
No, i don't think it's patched, but if you want, i can send you the patcher, so you can patch songs yourself. Also, i have a patched version, so i can send you that too! I also have Vertex BETA patched, so i'll send that as well.
From Kanji666 on 7/26/2007 Replied Modify
Hey! How'd Salieri go? Here's that Infernoplex sim


oh...and good luck with Holy Orders!
From Kanji666 on 7/25/2007 Received Modify
I win. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c318/Kanji666/screen00247.jpg
From Dr. S on 7/18/2007 Received Modify
Crap, nice one. I want to get to bz SO bad, but I have to wait until friday. I was just playing V^2 on stepmania with add mines, just to see how bad the stepchart would be after doing that. It was so terrible, that it started to pour, and there's lots of lightning and thunder. Thus proving that god hates Vertex^2 just as much as anyone else in the world..
From chrisslugma on 7/17/2007 Replied Modify
im good at pandemonium.
From Dr. S on 7/06/2007 Received Modify
Oh well, it works better than my card. It only usually loads about 5 of my songs. Today it only loaded 2. God, I can't wait for Ryan to hack our machines.
From Dr. S on 7/05/2007 Replied Modify
Really? For some reason, the machine that's closer to the arcade side always leaves out more than half of my edits. I have 40 something songs and it only reads 10 or so. Which is weird, since the machine at U of I read all of my songs. I think it could just be the machine rather than your card. But who knows.
From Dr. S on 7/05/2007 Replied Modify
Cool, thanks man. BTW, I need to get the welcome to rainbow edit from you. I tried getting it onto my card, but it wasn't hacked so the file was too big and the machine wouldn't read it.
From Dr. S on 7/04/2007 Replied Modify
Way to go man! I'm still down at 90% :'( I can do so much better on so many songs, but I just don't for some reason. I try so hard and just can't seem to improve. It's so damn annoying!!!
From Dr. S on 7/01/2007 Replied Modify
Man, I've almost got Summer. I failed in the middle of the 1st ending run with about 65% or something at camp. Sucked.
From chrisslugma on 7/01/2007 Replied Modify
97.05 =]
83.75 on summer
From chrisslugma on 6/10/2007 Replied Modify
i got my first quad... romeo and juliet hard... and failed with 3 seconds left on uber rave... 84... some other hot new scores
From chrisslugma on 6/09/2007 Received Modify
stop whoring songs.
From chrisslugma on 6/03/2007 Received Modify
haha so i got 7 triples after the tourney.. it was sweet.
From chrisslugma on 5/31/2007 Replied Modify
3 more triples today... my FA is inreasing a lot. watch out.
From Dr. S on 5/28/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, I'm pretty sad that Joe hasn't gotten a *** yet, I sent him a challenge. Which I can see is the same one as about 2 others.
From Dr. S on 5/27/2007 Replied Modify
Hey for that challenge for 25 stars, do double and tri stars count towards that number? And for the doubles, do tri's count towards that number?
From Dr. S on 5/12/2007 Received Modify
Yeah, I got the ** and the 2 passes after Joe and Jack left today.
From Chunkwrap Supreme on 5/12/2007 Replied Modify
.15 to go
From -Wej- on 5/12/2007 Replied Modify
Maaaaaaaan... One More Lovely is slightly out of my reach. Think of it as one of those walls that I never seem to have. But trust me, I am training my ass off up to it. Till then, mad, long, fast songs until they feel just like the expert nines. So far I'm working on 170 and 180 bmp for comfort. They are longer songs, but hey, OML isn't that long. I plan on meeting it half way like how I got up to Bonecrusher. Give me time. Until then, I'm not intensely serious for a little bit. 98% was my most recent run for skill. But don't worry, I will get on it soon.
From chrisslugma on 5/04/2007 Received Modify
yep. 99 on it.
thanks bro
From Dr. S on 4/17/2007 Received Modify
Fine, I'm editing the challenge, but raising the requirment to 75 instead. You'll get a quad eventually, it'll just take a long, long time.
From -Wej- on 4/14/2007 Received Modify
no waaaaaaaaaaaai
From chrisslugma on 4/06/2007 Received Modify
haha almost there?
youve still got a quarter of a ways to go son. now drop and give me summer.
im almost to 96 =]
From chrisslugma on 4/04/2007 Received Modify
bye bye birdie score =]
From chrisslugma on 4/02/2007 Received Modify
lawl. disregard the last message.
such a good day today.
got 7 ***'s
even took your romeo and juli8 score =P
so close to star average.
From chrisslugma on 4/01/2007 Received Modify
i just suck. i havnt gotten any better at all lately. im getting so frusterated wtih myself. im gona be at bzn on friday april 13th.
oh shit. friday the 13th.
From chrisslugma on 4/01/2007 Replied Modify
yeah stop having better FA than me. its getting old.
From -Wej- on 3/29/2007 Replied Modify
Hellz yeah dude! Nice job!
From GuceFanatic on 3/26/2007 Replied Modify
hate to break it to ya bro, but yeah, getting a great does change the fct that you got 9 excellents. i want it to say on there "single diget excellents" so that challenge aint done :-)
From Dr. S on 3/16/2007 Replied Modify
Hey, how do you make it so that your edits can be longer than 90 seconds? Or whatever that time limit was.
From Mr12000.itfm on 3/13/2007 Received Modify
ohhhh... that's weird. But yea, photobucket's always been good to me :]
From Mr12000.itfm on 3/09/2007 Replied Modify
You miiiiiiiiiiiight wanna fix your screenshots :x
From -Wej- on 3/04/2007 Replied Modify
you didnt do pandi yet? well god damn dude, get on that!
From -Wej- on 3/03/2007 Replied Modify
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sheet man, thats hott. Hey you beating my verified High score! nawice
From chrisslugma on 3/03/2007 Replied Modify
hey bud. i think ill be going to naperville to visit. not this weekend.. but the one after. and it will probably be a sunday. til then. check out my new scores.. not too many.. worked on a lot of endurance stuff this week.

like 11 new scores i believe. and i beat your birdie score :P 13 excellents =]

up to 95.73 even with pandy bringing me down a bunch...
From Spooty on 3/02/2007 Replied Modify
Thanks. And it was 16 ex. I updated the pic link on it if you wanna take a look.
From chrisslugma on 3/01/2007 Received Modify
nice dude.
im playing tomorrow i believe. hope...
but yeah.. prolly wont make it out to there for a while... unless i dont go on vacation on saturday with joe.. then i could come out sunday.
otherwise it would be 2 more weeks
From chrisslugma on 3/01/2007 Replied Modify
man how in the world. do you get the opportunity to play 3 days in a row.
ridiculous. i wish i had the time for that. i get to play once a week twice if im lucky.. but im going tomorrow.. so expect some new sc ores.
From chrisslugma on 2/25/2007 Replied Modify
kay race to pass one winged angel.
so far uve got the high score on it.
keep in mind.
i havnt played it in 2 months ;]
From chrisslugma on 2/24/2007 Replied Modify
whats up i passed pandemonium today.
From chrisslugma on 2/16/2007 Received Modify

check out muh new scores as well
From chrisslugma on 2/03/2007 Replied Modify

From chrisslugma on 2/02/2007 Received Modify
hehe yeah and i think i know which ones i wana get... mythology and clockwork(yeah i know thats an odd one but i think i can do it) =]
From chrisslugma on 1/27/2007 Received Modify
LOLZ. i didnt notice that.
and guess what.

beat your hardcore of the north score =]
83.07. woot woot.
From chrisslugma on 1/27/2007 Replied Modify
everyone is beating me on hxc of the gay.
From chrisslugma on 1/27/2007 Replied Modify
not tomoorrow. a week from tomorrow :P
From chrisslugma on 1/26/2007 Replied Modify
im trying to plan a trip to bzn next saturday. =] itd be the week before the tournament id be entering.
and id wana spend it with you guys. since you wont be there for it =/ hope to see you then.
From chrisslugma on 1/26/2007 Replied Modify
trust me man... on a day like today isnt gona be the song that gives you problems staring wisee...