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From 2Lazy on 5/15/2009 Received Modify
nxt wk dne and BK even beta coz im 2lazy 2 walk 2 courtney pl I lol @ our lazyness :D
From 2Lazy on 5/15/2009 Replied Modify
well we b @ ewan 4 his pre 21st party so nt sure bout 2nyt will txt if i go 2 wendy b4 we head 2 ewan's
From 2Lazy on 5/14/2009 Received Modify
soundz like a plan probly make it sunday .... ash drag me 2 lunch so IT CNT FAIL
From 2Lazy on 5/09/2009 Replied Modify
cool well me and enjoi doin SS 2m ima get him 2 vid me trying to get a % attack wish me luck
From 2Lazy on 5/09/2009 Received Modify
U wanka !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol we are "aparently" gtg a wendy dwn here .... "aparently"
From 2Lazy on 5/07/2009 Replied Modify
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIDW9icrVEg Dude we have to do sumfink like that as our nxt challenge
From 2Lazy on 5/06/2009 Received Modify
http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?MemberId=1369081305&PhotoAlbumId=10764735991 all challenge related photo
From 2Lazy on 5/03/2009 Received Modify
Yo im gonna upload challenge photo on my beatspace page ... though knowing me im gonna forget to screenshot anyway
From 2Lazy on 3/27/2009 Received Modify
note my challenges can only b done on gold theme coz of spin (615% dizzy) an wide (-25% flip) spin looks cool on gimmick songs like silikon wide ... just wide
From 2Lazy on 3/27/2009 Received Modify
lol swt i will also post some challenges 4 u u must b bored just giving me challenge
From 2Lazy on 3/27/2009 Replied Modify
ive got bad news i been sucking BAD @ mod reading so im nt sure if i can pass ur challenges : (