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:FNF: dom no bar's Profile

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Recent Info
Date Last Uploaded September 11th, 2020
Date Last Played 2020-09-10
Display Name Dominick
Default Mods C770, Overhead, Cel
Current Combo 80
Lifetime Info
Game Time 11 days, 7 hrs, 31 mins, 24 secs
Total Play Time 0 days, 0 hrs, 0 mins, 0 secs
Menu Time Percentage Can't calculate!
Plays 0
Calories Burned 649,496
Toasties 4,691
Dance Points 35,306,224
Hands 1,281
Holds 207,112
Jumps 69,319
Mines 52,763
Rolls 14,910
Taps and Holds 7,441,340
Max Uploaded Combo 80
Song Count by Difficulty
Expert Played 4,244
Hard Played 480
Medium Played 227
Easy Played 96
Song Count by Play Mode
Dance Played 5,037
Marathon Played 48
Survival Played 0
Battle Played 0