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!D!zZy!K@Z!'s Profile

Quick Detailed
Quick Detailed
Quick Detailed
Challenges Messages
User Name: !D!zZy!K@Z!
Machine Tag: !KAZ
Machine Location: Quebec - Amusement 2000 Plus
Region: Quebec
Total Quads/100%s: 17
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Play Style: Unspecified
Member since: December 9th, 2005
Last Profile Update: March 17th, 2007
«^_^» Hello You ITGrooveFreaks!
if you're reading my (huge) profile you should know that there's a lot of off-topic so
I suggest you to take a look at the title of each paragraphes and only read what's interesting you, okay?
(by the way, except About Challenges, most of the ITG related is right before the End Note) so...

I'm Franck & I'll have 21 y.o. on tha next Sept 30th (2007) & Tha Gamerz call me Kaz!
that's for KazLeKaotiK; my Old MMORPG's Character Name
Kaz took place from Zack, flip it = Kcaz... then just simply remove the "c" obviously.
it's just 1 simple sound and it sounds and LooK KooL. LoL
---» Anywayz, my ITG name is !D!zZy!K@Z!, coz I always play with Dizzy Reverse.
(I really like mods, I often add Fade Out & Hide Targets too..)
(so Marathon and Mods Challenges are Appreciated!)

Don't worry about sending too much !
it keeps me playing ! I really enjoy it!
so thank you for sending me Challenge! in mass =)
if you want a few one back, just ask and I'll send it quickly!
(most of the time, I check every day, after work)
Challenges that I like : nearly everything...
I like Single, Double, Expert, Hard, even Medium, Mods and Marathon!
so, I like Original Challenges too =)
so that's about it... oh I play Custom Songs too!!! (especially Full Long Version)
(Read more about my GrooveStats, at the end, if you want to know more about what I play)

----- quickly, More about Myself... -----
I'm French and I live in Quebec.
(so sorry if my english is sometime hard to understand)
(but if you want to learn French, I'll teach you if you ask me on MSN)
---» I work every week from 8am to 5pm, monday to friday...
so I have all nightz and week-endz free =)
and I'm on MSN every day after work!
« KazLeKaotiK@hotmail.com » feel free to add me to your list
(my list is currently Full so I need to Delete a few Old Contacts before I could add some more)
---» I'm a really kind and funny person... quite original too
but I tend to talk too much, so sorry about that...
also I'm making effort not to take competition too seriously...
(because that might have cost me a few friends =(
sorry guyz.. I promise I will pay attention now !)
---» ...if you want to talk about ITG, or anything else.
I like to laught and make laught, to help and debate, etc
or simply discuss about video games, love, sports, and so much more...
» !so feel free to add me to your MSN friends list! «

----- My Dream : I plan to open a Gamerz Cafe -----
How can I afford it ?
I'm living at my parent's home and I spend nearly nothing
except a few restaurant and games at the arcade.
it's not some poker play, pool games or sports that will make any difference.
unfortunately, I have no car, but I think it doesn't worth the cost of it.
so this summer I'll just simply buy a cheap electric bicycle
that thing can run over 30km/h so what? haha.
anywayz, where would I go if I go there alone.
better go with friends, or to stay on the internet !
so... I have nothing to pay, not even the internet...
but in a few years I might be able to earn my life by having fun with Gamerz.
---» I'm pretty lucky for that... anywayz, as for my Future Cafe.
I'll simply put some Console Games, Music (& Music Games), Racing & Fighting Games.
add to this a few Computers in Linked play with the most popular Games for that matters.
a few Pool tables, a little under 18 y.o. Bar =) and there we go! have funnn! «^_^»
---» but if you have any idea about my Future Cafe, please write to me via MSN, hotmail...
or just simply leave me a Private Message here on my GrooveStats Messages Board
I'd really enjoy to talk about it... at anytime that you want =)
for now, I'll just be doing some research here and there...

----- about my Long-Distance Relationship -----
I have a cute et sweet Fiance named Céline.
she'll have 18 y.o. on tha next Nov 24th (2007)
---» "we are Crazy" in Love since 2 years now ;-)
and we are Fiance since Aug 19th 2006 (6 months ago)
So you might wonder how we've meet each others...
---» it's via MSN...but!!! it's... thanks to her brother...
who was playing MMORPGs with me, since I don't know how many years ago.
so when I decided to meet them, I've fall truely in love with her...
(btw, her brother is about 25 y.o. and lives in Quebec since 2006)
---» but unfortunately for her, she still lives in Europe (Belgium) and I live in Quebec (Canada)
so there's a 6 hours delay from here to there... but because we truely love each others so we live with it...
---» she's a Goth... (you know, the pretty one hehe!)
but she's also really kind when she trust you... but that's not so easy hehe!
we both like to laught and play ITG, RPG and games all day long.
---» ITG; her GrooveStats is LuneLaKaotiK
and she's just starting EX Sgl... but she might play Double too..
check her GrooveStats, because she played a lot on my Cobalt Flux when I was at work!
---» if everything goes well at school!... she should be living in Quebec in summer 2009!...
so we're half way to our dream! =)
until then we see ourself 2 months each summer & 1 month each winter, every year.
oh and, obviously, MSN, Cam, Microphone.. that's part of every day..every week..every..everytime!

----- Where do I play ITG ? -----
I play at Amusement 2000 Plus, Plaza Ste-Therese.
I go there about 3 time a week (monday, tuesday & saturday)
---» on a side note; I also play other music games, Initial D, Maximum Tune and Soul Calibur.
---» our ITG is out of order since the end of January
I used to play with my friends (my team)
but for now, I'll be playing solo for a while...
and I might go to Laval 222 sometime... but it's far from home
oh and I play on R21 (Custom Songs FTW! (I <3 Long Version) «^_^»)

----- about... Dancing Games -----
I play ITG since January 06 and compete since Summer 06.
---» before ITG I played DDR since Summer 03.
I used to play only Double Freestyling with mods but...
since ITG is a whole new challenge; I'm back to Single Play!
---» and thanks to our wonderfull community
I got so many challenges to complete...
so that my Double play needs to wait for a few months later on.
---» at home; I have 2 Cobalt Flux pro platform since Febuary 05.
so I play StepMania with a PS2>PC converter since the end of 2005
also ITG on PS2 since January 06...
and ITG PC since January 07 =)
finally ITG2 PC since March 07! «^_^» (that's like StepMania & ITG PC together)
---» I love playing with holds, hands, rolls and mines.
so I'm making some Edits with a lot of Cross-Overs.
and I also make some hard stepchart for FreeStyle.
(ask me if you want me to share them)
but I dream to play while truely dancing «^_^» (maybe, one day, I will...)
what I like tha most is to play Long Version, Custom Songs
specially those between 120-140 bpm, max 185, full of Streams!
---» I really like to compete (maybe even too much...!)
so Challenges are Welcome, and as many as you want!
(and even more than that, haha «^_^» I really appreciate it)

----- other Games (and Music Games) and ONLINE Games -----
Outside of Dancing Games... but as Music Games
I like to play GuitarFreaks & DrumMania when I go at the Arcade.
---» I have quite a few Music Games at home
just to name a few : Pump It Up, Taiko, BeatMania, Eyetoy Groove, and more...
more to come : Guitar Hero, GuitarFreak & DrumMania, Pop'N'Music, and more...
---» All the other Games
my most played, and favorite games.. are mostly RPGs
just to name a few :
Final Fantasy, Disgaea, .Hack, Star Ocean, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga, Wild Arms, Suikoden, Breath of Fire
and so much more...
---» I also play Gran Turismo, Soul Calibur, Mario Tennis, Mario Party, Uniracer, Tetris Attack
---» and so many other games of all style, new school and old school.
I love StarCraft!!! I also like TrackMania, and woah, soooo many games... but no shooters! sorry guyz.
hey, StepMania of course =) hehe!
(ask me if you want to play with me)

----- other stuff -----
nothing for now, but I might add links, and other stuff...
I will add a list of Custom Songs that I really like.
and direct link to future Videos...

----- About my GrooveStats ----- finally, dah!

---»Some of my Scores are OutDated
and quite a few aren't USB Validated.
so I'm currently working on that...

---» but as for my Non-Validated Scores, if you think they are fake
just simply ask for a Screenshot, or for a USB validation soon.
(most of them are all Non-FCed Scores)
(so I haven't saved them on my USB to keep my Combo)
(but now I have another USB for those Scores... =) I've learned, hehe)

---» so I'm also working on my Hell of a Combo..
right now I'm at 336k, but I want to get it to a Million.
I really like to FA, FEC & FC songs under 11s.
I also try to get at less 98% Overall @ Sgl Hard
and to complete everything at Medium
and even to try Quad-Star on some Easy songs that I like to listen to.
so that's all filling up my combo...
at EXpert, I really like to FEC most of the 9s.
to FEC quite a few 10s and FC nearly everything.
and to FC half of the 11s.
« Challenges are welcome! and well Appreciated too »

---» but when I'm not FCing, I like to play 11s and easy 12s.
I also try to pass my first 13, and the rest of the 12.
so I would have completed everything from ITG1&2 @ EX Sgl.
and I'm also playing a lot of Custom Songs (especially Full Long Version)

---» Double Play
I passed a few 11s, quite a few 10s, and a lot of 9s
(I got a few * on EXpert 9, but not more ** that what it shows)
but my GrooveStats is at less 6 months OutDated for Double...
In Fact, I have more fun playing Double than Single.
but as for scoring, and competition, it's less fun...
so I ends up playing more Single than Double.
I also play with my fiance, so I ends up playing Versus, along with her...

---» I mostly play with the bar.
but I enjoy playing no bar at home, and sometime at arcade.
and I often play no bar when I'm playing Double, Marathon, or Custom Songs.

---» I always play with Dizzy, Reverse & Distant.
I still wonder if I should go back to OverHead
but I really think it's better to stay with Distant Reverse.
and like I said at the beginning of my profil.
I'm also trying to always play with Fade Out & Hide Targets
but so far, I haven't mastered those mods yet...
so I really enjoy playing with Mods...
(example : x6, Distant, Metal, Reverse, Split, Alternate, Cross, Centered, Decel, Boomerang, Dizzy, Hide Targets)
(another example : Simple, Blender, Echo, Stomp)

---» Reading ...always Distant... Bar
(will edit that section so a quick look can describe everything)
for Single; always around 500 to 700 (mostly 550 to 650bpm~  best: 600-650)
from 130 to 165~175 I use x4
130 to 110 I use x5, 110 and less I use x6.
for 185 to 220 I use x3, 220 to 265 I use x2.5, 265 to 333 I use x2, etc..
(I have trouble for bpm between 170 to 185, because there is no x3.5 mod, and no C600)
(so I use Overhead x2.5, or I add Mini)
..... as for Double; always round 400 to 600 (mostly 450 to 550 bpm~ best: doesn't know)
from 140 to 180 I use x3
140 to 110 I use x4, 110 and less I use x5
as for 180 to 220 I use x2.5, 220 to 275 I use x2, 275 and higher I use x1.5

---» My favorite stepcharts from Single are ;
Delerium, Robotix, Mythology, The Beginning, Xuxa, Tribal Style, Fleadh Uncut, etc
and for Double :
While Tha Rekkid Spinz, Bend Your Mind, Disconnected Disco, I Think I Like That Sound, Tribal Style, etc
so yeah I like Streams, Cross-Overs, Hands, Holds, Rolls, Mines, etc...
Favorite BPM : ~130 to 150... most of the time; the farther it's from that bpm, the less I like it

---» Since our machine has the R21 patch.
I often play Custom Songs too, especially Long Version.
so here is a list of my most played Custom Songs
so you could have a good idea on which one you should Challenge me! «^_^»
(will Edit with tha List of Custom Songs =) I'm busy with my fiance on MSN, oh oh! «^_^»)

---» my GrooveStats Home is OutDated, all of those Scores has been improved by a lot.
all Single play Scores are Controller scores.
but for Double play, it's on my Cobalt Flux pads.
as soon as I get a Bar for my Double Kit at home.
I'll be posting pad scores on my GrooveStats Home.

I think it's enough for now.
but I might add some stuff soon.
like my goals, and my achievements, links to my edits and custom songs
or more about my life or ITG, etc...nooo it's enough LoL =)
Feel free to add me on your MSN list!

~~~ My ITG2's Arcade Stats ~~~
-(Last Time Updated: 2006-06-21)-
----------> NEED TO UPDATE <----------

COMPLETELY OUTDATED... just ignore it for now.
154 Plays (4 toasties!) * 36.8% Menu Time * xxxx Max Combo
427 Songs Played (264 single+versus / 163 double / 20 others)
~ Easy ~ Medium ~ Hard ~ Expert ~
---- 2 ------- 61 ------ 118 ---- 240 ----
Song Difflculty <|> Song Played
.1. | .2. | .3. | .4. | .5. | .6. | .7. | .8. | .9. | .10. | .11. | .12. | .13.
0.. | 0.. | 2. | 2.. | 18 | 21 | 24 | 56 | 206 | 77. | 20.. | 0.... | 1...
Most Played Songs --> Single» Xuxa EX *** Double» Disconnected Disco EX

< 29,244.6 > Calories Burned..... (1 day record : 4,636.6)
~ 703,020 ~ Dance Points
- 13:12:44 - GamePlay Time (20:53:44 Play Time)

1,501 Hands / 9,950 Holds / 14,233 Jumps / 4,891 Mines / 248 Rolls
For a Total of... 168,643 Taps & Holds

oh and about my GrooveStats huge buddy list.
obviously, a lot of them are just 'to take a look' at it by a simple click.
but still, there is a lot of friends, and a lot of challengers in that list =)
----- End note -----
Have Fun Playing!
and good luck in your life! =)
add me on MSN!!! «^_^»
Salut tout l'monde ;-)
<3 you all, no no, just you Celine...well, hmm, yeah.
!D!zZy!K@Z!'s Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
We Know What To Do 98.71   In the Groove 2 9/22/2007
Fly Away 99.40   In the Groove 9/22/2007
High 98.78   In the Groove 2 9/22/2007
Sweet World 98.29   In the Groove 2 9/20/2007
Cryosleep 99.24   In the Groove 2 9/20/2007
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(303 total)
Single In The Groove 1 & 2 Overall Percentages Double
Expert  86.53% 35.02%  Expert
Hard  97.78% 45.44%  Hard
Medium  98.81% 7.81%  Medium
Easy  83.63% 2.15%  Easy
Total  91.93% 22.28%  Total
Single Overall Percentages: ITG Courses Double
Intense  11.34% 0.00%  Intense
Normal  6.21% 0.00%  Normal
Survival  20.64% 0.00%  Survival
Total  9.95% 0.00%  Total