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From AFAD.sakuneko on 2/11/2006 Active Modify
turn your Bs into As and for god's sake FIX THAT MONOLITH SCORE x(
From AFAD.sakuneko on 12/22/2005 Active Modify
wahhhh, *** boogie down plz :D
From JJK on 10/23/2005 Active Modify
Pass Disconnected Disco expert double.
From Magenta Chaos on 10/11/2005 Active Modify
come draft ravnica at my store
From Davo on 10/11/2005 Active Modify
Get a higher expert % than me :P
From Life on 9/22/2005 Active Modify
I heard u SDE Oasis. Post it up and reclaim top score
From JJK on 9/17/2005 Active Modify
Get 85.01%+ on all 12s.
From AFAD.sakuneko on 9/15/2005 Active Modify
more ** than * :o)
From ssssss on 9/06/2005 Active Modify
play me at MvC2... 1x no bar
From Cyrus on 9/04/2005 Active Modify
Get 85%+ on all 12s.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 8/30/2005 Active Modify
Take Funk Factory back
From KR.bbqfatman (team 9s) on 8/25/2005 Active Modify
** lemmings on the run because that song is amazing and plz challenge me back :D
From jmzee on 7/29/2005 Active Modify
4star hustle beach, cause you a hustla baby, I just want you to know. While you're there why not sde Oasis, I mean I've been waiting forever you big tease <3.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 7/22/2005 Active Modify
Take your Oasis score back.
From DSG.Drewtagonist on 5/03/2005 Active Modify
Do any marathon course, and get a *** on it.
From jmzee on 8/11/2005 Completed Modify
Smack me for trying to screw my iidx controller backwards.
From jmzee on 6/13/2005 Completed Modify
Beat me at MvC2 at least 5 times over the course of the jg6 tournament.
From JJK on 5/31/2005 Completed Modify
Pass Lady Mercury on Boogie Down expert.
From jmzee on 5/31/2005 Completed Modify
Send me a challenge that I can do.
From nickdood on 4/27/2005 Completed Modify
Get 99.06 on Oasis Expert.
From JJK on 4/27/2005 Completed Modify
89% on Xuxa what the fuck is wrong with you
From JJK on 4/27/2005 Completed Modify
You're 19 now dumbass.
From JJK on 4/09/2005 Completed Modify
Pandemonium is unlocked so go pass it bye
From zxevik on 3/22/2005 Completed Modify
play more
From JJK on 8/11/2005 Abandoned Modify
3-star Which Levin Dean was That
From Hoodie on 8/11/2005 Abandoned Modify
STAR Bouff On Hard O_o...and send me a challenge xD
From JJK on 8/11/2005 Abandoned Modify
Get into the Top 5 on the Standard/Heavy ranking.
From u_r_not_turner on 8/11/2005 Abandoned Modify
Full Decent combo any song on medium or higher with no mods other than regular speed mods (i.e. no c-mods), noteskins, and perspective. Get a pic too if possible :P
From JJK on 5/01/2005 Abandoned Modify
Levin I am very sorry for the rude nature of my two previous challenges. Contrary to what some may think, I love Levin Dean!