This is the qualifier for ECS6. To participate, you must register on Groovestats first. Once you've done that and you've downloaded the songs for the qualifier, after logging in, you can go to the Passes page to view your current status and enter in any new passes. You will accrue experience points toward your overall level and skill points towards specific BPM ranges for each song you pass. You can view the current rankings by going to the Ranking page. Finally, if you'd like to view the song list without logging in, the Song List page is the place to do that.

There are a few rules to note:

  • Bracketing/mashing is strictly prohibited for any songs in the qualifier.
  • You may play with way offs/decents disabled, but these will most likely be enabled for the actual tournament.
  • You must play on the normal lifebar settings for ITG. If you're playing on the Simply Love theme on SM5, you'll need to ensure that you're using a version that has accurate life mechanics.
  • No scores obtained prior to 07/22/2017 will be accepted.
  • Make sure that you have screenshots of every score. If a pass is questioned and you can't provide a screenshot, you'll lose credit for it.
  • Rate mods below 1.0x rate are not acceptable.


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