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User Name: zXevik
Machine Tag: Z?
Machine Location: Unspecified
Region: New Jersey
Triumph Points: 23124
Age: 34
Sex: Unspecified
Play Style: Always Bar
Member since: July 7th, 2004
Last Profile Update: July 18th, 2019

time to build that stamina.

www.zxevik.net (music)

Hello, smouldering remains of groovestats - I am .SiN, aka maxX sin, aka zxevik, aka hit'emboth, the original king of speed, the gate opener, champion of the Rhythmatic and lord the itgfreak-folk. I am the relic. The last surviving warrior of a time before time.

Chapter 0: Origins

The year is 11 BBP. The KPAE is up in arms and has begun a merciless crusade to outlaw all sacred magics. A small following of dissenters led by the Ward of the West take refuge in a small town to experiment with magics they believe will be revolutionary in forging a path forward to a new nation of great power.

The Tokunaga Prefecture lends their aid and allows the dissenters to take refuge in a hidden encampment to experiment with their magics for a short time before the KPAE discovers the treason and threatens to sever support and take military action. Seeking to avoid a civil war, Emperor Aaron sends messengers to the far ends of the globe in hopes to find alternative support for the dissenters but ultimately washes his hands of their fate. The dissenters retreat under the cover of night and go into hiding, but remnants of their powerful magic can be felt everywhere.

Some time goes by, and there are whispers of a weapon being developed by the dissenters. A small team within the military ranks of the KPAE, led by dotSiN, a young sergeant looking to earn his place at any cost - is dispatched to seek out and infiltrate the Ward of the West's encampment and learn more of this weapon in hopes of quelling any potential uprising, and preventing any further bloodshed. Maybe these magics can prove useful in the eyes of the KPAE, if channeled properly.

that was the thought, anyway.

Not long after their introduction, the squadron becomes better acquainted with the true goals of the dissenters, learning of the deep corruption within the leadership of the KPAE. Eventually, they are convinced to defect, and form rank with the dissenters instead. The Ward of the West and dotSiN, now awol from the KPAE with a bounty in his head, form an alliance known as the Rhythmatic. By use of field research tactics, strong organization, support from foreign nations, and natural talent with weaponry and magic, they form a powerful military. Over the course of two years, they develop a weapon so deadly than even the strongest warriors of the KPAE are powerless to even stand in its presence.

Threatened by the advent of this new weapon, the KPAE descend upon the Rhythmatic with its full military strength, without warning. They strike hard and fast - The assault is so brutal that many high-ranking officers in the Rhythmatic military discard their loyalty and flee for their lives, leaving the weapon open for capture. The KPAE spares the lives of the remaining dissenters, in exchange for full control of the weapon, which they intend to lock away for the remainder of eternity.

In a last ditch effort to save their work from damnation by the corrupt leadership of the KPAE, the Ward of the West and dotSiN meet with the strongest mages of their collective and attempt to impart an incantation into the weapon, with the intent of creating a portal through which any of the Rhythmatic could travel to attune it's strength to their own will.

... but things go horribly wrong. The portal instead, opens the doorway to the Abyss - the means by which all monsters the world has known, or will ever know, find their way to the surface. The mages who open the portal are immediately destroyed in the process. The Ward of the West and dotSiN suffer a branding that drains them of their power and damns them to live until the end of time, that they would carry the remnants of their actions until the end of all days.

In a scramble for power and a strong desire to stay free from the KPAE leadership, dotSiN descends on a solo mission into the heart of the ruins where the weapon was being developed and steals the plans, which he later releases into the public domain in hopes that the people will rise up again and continue to fight. His efforts are unfortunately in vain, because the KPAE anticipates this attack and cuts off his escape. He is stripped of his rights, and delivered to the now KPAE-controlled Rhythmatic for judgment.

Infuriated by his decision to continue fighting, and equally fearful for their own futures, the remaining members of the Rhythmatic military hold a special counsel and unanimously decide to exile dotSiN from their ranks as a peace offering to the KPAE in exchange for a definitive end to the bloodshed. A curse is placed upon dotSiN, blocking his ability to use the sacred magic, and he is banished to the barren lands, never to be heard from again.

The Ward of the West retreats to his homeland, abandoning his mission in the wake of the defeat, promising to return one day with new magic and stronger weapons to unite the people who worked so hard to bring this magic into reality -- and ultimately bring an end to the terrible fate they helped unleash upon the world.

Over the course of many eons, this story fades to legend.
New tales rise to take its place, and those stories fade to legend as well.

The year is 3 ABP.
Evil magics wielded by new and powerful foes threaten the stamina nation and its people once again.

The Ward of the West emerges from seemingly nowhere in this time of great need, offering a new hope and wielding an equally new and more powerful magic. No longer threatened by the dormant KPAE and having formed a new alliance with the DPRT, he travels alone, far East into the barren lands, to retrieve an old friend from exile. The Rhythmatic who banished him are now long scattered and extinct, their curse of his power no longer taking hold.

A long period of doubt and distrust ensues, but the Ward of the West eventually convinces him that his fight is still far from over.

DotSiN, now called zxevik, no longer even a shadow of his former self, senses the urgency of the matter and agrees to return from the barren lands. Wielding the powerful sword smxcalibur, a new creation that is lighter, stronger, and more effective against the threat than anything that existed in eons past, he finds himself in a place he still somehow recognizes despite the passage of time, but among a new nation of people who do not know their own history.

"I'm here to assist the stamina nation in any way i can, all i ask in exchange is clemency for the wrong doings of my past" he said calmly, sheathing his weapon.
zXevik's Recent Scores:
Song Name Score (%) Pack Date Submitted
T-Minus 0 85.10   Cirque du Enzo 7/21/2019
NullPoGa 90.21   Sharpnelstreamz v2 7/21/2019
Destination Talos 83.07   Cranked Pastry 7/20/2019
The Decisive Collision 80.17   Trails of Cold Stream 7/20/2019
The Fall of Icarus 69.85   ITGAlex's Stamina Safari 7/20/2019