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From !D!zZy!K@Z! on 1/27/2007 Received Modify
Hi, I'm !KAZ, the guy @ 222 who talk to you a little, I'm a Double Player, I'm playing Single just because of my team members which challenge me all the time... I'll keep watching your vids, and you play @ 222 Laval, but if you have any tips for me, I would appreciate you took a few minutes to wrote to me... thanks, have fun, good bye
From B3NS3X on 1/24/2007 Received Modify
What the fuck!?!?!? you passed Vertex^2 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
From InspectorKen on 6/03/2006 Received Modify
I've finally clear your challenge of get 85%+ on Infection[E]! ^_^ It took 6 months due to laziness, but i finally did it. =P
From JBK! on 4/26/2006 Received Modify
Zaku told me you play at Mira now is this true,howcome and how often do you go?
From Drea DDRQueen on 4/17/2006 Received Modify
By the way I might get MSN so you can Probably talk to me there : )
From (B90)KROA on 3/13/2006 Received Modify
Hey Rajjab, i finally decided to play on marathons and well i did ur lil pass driven normal..piece of cake, SUPPPERR EASSSYYY marathons are fun by the way :P send me another challenge! See ya!
From BNS.Persian on 2/14/2006 Replied Modify
I've gotten between 10-27 fec the last 7/8 times I've played mobius but always 1 miss or mine or some crap
From Hoscan on 1/18/2006 Received Modify
lol I beat your challenge, send me another 1 please.
From Erased on 1/04/2006 Received Modify
you like marthon so do it.you can fail it above 65%:p
From BNS.Brian on 12/23/2005 Replied Modify
fine then instead of soapy bubble, try to tripple star (Romeo E Juli-8), tht's what im trying to do, hoo and I accpet your challenge. XD
From BNS.Brian on 12/23/2005 Replied Modify
sup , just wondering is SAM alias XXXX does have an GS acount, if he does can you gimme his name thanks, ho and send me back a challenge!
From OmniQuark on 12/12/2005 Received Modify
lol, that's why I don't accept "Do this before X", cause I'm never in a hurry to complete a challenge and I never complete it, lol. I'll delete your challenge so you can send a new one without a time constraint (yes it can be 98 Wanna do ;))
From Tm*BrO)Mat!!! on 12/08/2005 Received Modify
Yeah i know, when i give u back the challenge, i was not looking if u can do it without mods and beat mods is so easy, retry it with beat and drift
From IHYD.Tiza - Moderator on 11/21/2005 Replied Modify
Just out of curiosity, what does putting accel and decel on at the same time do?
From InspectorKen on 9/25/2005 Received Modify
I mean all the insert tap mods on. So that means you gotta put on "skippy, echo, wide, quick, stomp, and stream."
From InspectorKen on 9/22/2005 Replied Modify
I forgot to mention. When I say Insert mod, I mean all of the "Insert Tap" mods. I hope that clarify things. ;)
From OmniQuark on 9/08/2005 Received Modify
I only played The beginning once so far and I play in alphabetical order. I'm gonna play it for a 2nd time soon so I should complete your challenge hopefully :)