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  • GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
  • Primary features
  • Public online score submission
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From stfd.FUse on 6/03/2008 Received Modify
can you pleaseee tell me on how to hack ITG ps2 home version to put some of my own costume songs on!
From xxxxx - Administrator on 11/27/2007 Received Modify
Holy shit, you're in the Top 10? o_O I never noticed that before. Nice.
From Luke123 on 8/23/2007 Received Modify
Haha but thats what improovment is =D......You can no problem gots your own cabinet and good fa so your set hah....haha yeah gg for us
From evan on 8/23/2007 Received Modify
hey moogle, fuck you.
From Infected.ChaosDragoon on 7/30/2007 Received Modify
To answer your question from my challenge... I'm Kevin (The one who can pretty much **** all songs on Stepmania including Holy Orders and Vertex^2) I never see you anymore. This is going yo be an easy challenge even though it is only a message. 1) Come back to the mall and Beat the crap out of the score Chez got on Vertex^2...80.21 I think. 2) When you get bored with your ITG machine give it it me....I'm joking(at least I think I am) You should see the challenge I sent to Lil Q and Butterchuck(also look at the screenshot). It is on Canon-D
From DarkCore on 7/19/2007 Received Modify
i wont hesitate to smack a hoe.
From Boner Musician on 6/20/2007 Received Modify
From Adriano on 5/31/2007 Replied Modify
What does asfl. stand for?
From Craigy on 5/31/2007 Received Modify
yo....ummmm did u buy the machine or win it....and if u bought it how much? ^^
From Aka Karyuu on 5/26/2007 Received Modify
Oh God, why do you have a machine D: BTW Moogle's House location FTW ;D
From Craigy on 5/13/2007 Received Modify
SHIT yo ur getting a machine lucky ass :O =]
From DarkCore on 2/08/2007 Replied Modify
Oh, and by the way do they have to be Expert 9's?
From FattyWhale on 2/08/2007 Replied Modify
You should not recalc greats.
From DarkCore on 1/30/2007 Received Modify
Hey, for the challenge that you sent me, do you want me to star five NEW 9-block songs or can I just include Birdie and Da Roots in the five? =P
From Big Matt (done for now) on 1/30/2007 Received Modify
hey. i just read your profile which says you aren't playing much anymore, but I just wanted to let you know I got all the 9's ***'ed as per your challenge. if you have time, send me another challenge. I love those things :p
From Big Matt (done for now) on 1/09/2007 Received Modify
oops, in the latest challenge i sent you, i told you to send me a challenge, even though I didn't complete the first one. you can either ignore it, or send me another challenge, lol.
From Azn Buffalo on 12/20/2006 Received Modify
hey hey hey hey!! Can I have an "ASFL" name? please please please!!! ^_^ lol
From Boner Musician on 7/25/2006 Received Modify
goddamnit whers my challenge
From Boner Musician on 7/15/2006 Received Modify
weyt arnt you in china lol :O