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From Tono on 6/09/2008 Received Modify
Damn dude, do you find that your rhythm game skills lend themselves to each other? (ie: reading/comprehension skills) But yeah, mad props on vertex beta, that's absurd. I'm still in awe.
From Food Minion on 7/07/2007 Received Modify
OMG OMG I finally starred my first three songs...Castle Fun Park ITG2 machine was set on "FreePlay" Tell 96.69% The Game 97.05% Touch Me 97.49% all on Medium of course but I'm happy XD! Not bad for an OLD1...lolz. When do you leave for Toronto???
From OnlineV4 on 6/11/2007 Received Modify
o.o Then do that XDD I guess from all this I've learned that you have an incredibly good amount of stamina, and a pretty decent FA. But not enough to 99.9 mellow hard xDD Naw, just give yourself a pat on the back or something.
From OnlineV4 on 6/10/2007 Received Modify
Then 99.90+ it on hard with Dizzy/Alternate =/ Or even give OnlineV4 a shoutout on a video! XD Or just do the other challenge I gave in that (Which might take a long time)
From Food Minion on 6/07/2007 Received Modify
MSN is good for me too....what's your address?
From Food Minion on 6/05/2007 Received Modify
I saw that today....:P but you must go to Towne Cinema next time you are out this way and wipe out every single score CODX has!!! I would like to keep in touch if that works for you. Whats the best way? You can always private message me.
From DarkCore on 6/04/2007 Received Modify
Oh, hey. Your name made me think you were like someone else with DJ something in their name. And you're entering the custom tourney I assume? =P
From Food Minion on 6/01/2007 Received Modify
Hey It was great meeting you... I hope you had fun in Vancouver and a safe trip home. Let's keep in touch!