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From TroyNK on 12/20/2018 Replied Modify
Congrats on being the first to enter the 3000 expert songs submitted club!
From TroyNK on 6/21/2017 Received Modify
Yup! Give me another year and maybe I'll get close. It's gonna take a whole lot of 16s and 17s to get me there.
From TroyNK on 1/30/2017 Replied Modify
:) Another 238 songs until I catch up to you!
From TroyNK on 12/15/2016 Replied Modify
Thanks! Been working very hard to get there. Didn't know if I was going to hit my limit at 16s but I've passed 2 17s now. They are still super hard for me right now but I'll keep pushing myself. 14s used to be super hard for me at one point so I know it's just a matter of practicing.
From Dream on 10/30/2016 Received Modify
btw, thanks for sending me a challenge awhile back :) Too bad I can't pass 13's :/
From Dream on 10/30/2016 Received Modify
omg I can't believe you've submitted more singles expert scores than Rynker XD You need to raise your scores, so you won't rank lower than anyone with fewer submissions :p Congratulations, though -- completionism is a beautiful thing :D
From TroyNK on 10/14/2016 Replied Modify
Congrats on reaching #1 for most songs submitted! I'm still about 250 songs behind you and have no idea how I'll catch up. I can only do a couple new 14s-16s each session so it will take me a loooong time. Keep pushing yourself!
From SirDippingsauce on 9/28/2016 Replied Modify
Hey! I'm Eliot. Guess I'm a little late to the party, because I just found out about groovestats. :P Anyway, you seem to be the only player I can find near me that's been active at all recently. Could you explain how to save and upload scores?
From TroyNK on 9/28/2016 Replied Modify
Thanks, I've run out of easy packs to play through so I'm stuck with mainly 14s+ now. Trying to keep climbing but it's slow going now. Don't think I'll catch up to you any time soon :) </br> Do you think you'll be able to reach the #1 spot?
From Based Honk on 6/22/2015 Replied Modify
done with your challenge!!! Peter on Crack acquired :p it was so hard
From Based Honk on 5/29/2015 Received Modify
LLOL yeah it's a sort of inside joke with one of my friends. I also can never decide on a name so I change it from time to time. If you ever see a new name on your buddy list there's a 99 percent chance it's me xD
From Based Honk on 5/14/2015 Replied Modify
Well I figure it was only fair considering the challenge you gave me is to pass one of 2 almost 21s haha. And also you're getting goos super fast so I wanna give you some bigger goals to push for :p
From Based Honk on 5/11/2015 Replied Modify
Not sure why my challenge sent twice haha
From Based Honk on 5/09/2015 Replied Modify
nice job on Addiction dude! GL on Detonator :p
From Based Honk on 5/02/2015 Received Modify
I find twitter a lot more convenient idk :p my handle is @IronGripPPTouch
From Based Honk on 5/02/2015 Replied Modify
If you wish to communicate with me twitter would make things a lot more easy if you have it ^.^
From Based Honk on 5/01/2015 Received Modify
Hihi, I do not have a facebook actually. I use Twitter and tumblr (mostly twitter) if that means anything to you.