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From Snicklefritz on 8/29/2007 Received Modify
there is an ITG2 tourny at the YMCA in brampton coming up within the next few months, interested?
From DJSBX on 6/28/2006 Received Modify
Alright, I "FINALLY" passed Euphoria [E] lol. Now doing a hard song on flip... now thats gonna be a problem XD.
From MRI-kun on 5/28/2006 Received Modify
omg! I can't believe 99.12% was not enough to beat ZMX!'s 'ROM-eo & Juli8' [double h]. I ended up with the same score as him! I even FCed the first 20% of the song! ARGH! I know I can quad-star the song... soon...
From MRI-kun on 5/15/2006 Received Modify
hiyo! we no longer have the same score for reactor [double hard]. i just played it to 1) take first place and 2) not end up seeing 97.32% when my nametag is not KEN. lol
From MRI-kun on 5/13/2006 Received Modify
okay! finally i completed reactor [double expert]!!! ^o^ my first attempt yesterday was more like an entertainment show, since i attacked chop when i had to step on the arrow closest to him. i have a vid of that if you want it! just message me on msn...
From MRI-kun on 5/07/2006 Received Modify
I almost completed Reactor [double hard]. I failed the final stream. ARGH! I hate this song! And I hate the challenge too! X_X
From OmniQuark (no bar) on 4/14/2006 Received Modify
Finally completed your Euphoria challenge... 2nd try... actually 3rd because 2nd was a fail. lol. So mad I got 75.XX% on the first try and I had to do it again... so tiring, lol. I barely got it this time XD
From CLEAN.LEET on 4/13/2006 Received Modify
We have the Exact same score for Robotix Doubles [H] ha!
From CLEAN.LEET on 4/01/2006 Received Modify
Your Bloodrush score is awful! And I don't mean the percentage, but the method you used to obtain it. Left and Right change the stepchart! Cheater!!!!! >:(
From MazriM TaiM on 3/23/2006 Received Modify
I could list 5 if you want. :P
From PKMN.TonyHCC on 3/22/2006 Received Modify
Hahaha, I was thinking you might give me that challenge since you sent it to Brent. I doubt I can do it unless one of the following happens: 1)Fade In's not there, 2)I can use Mini (which still might not help that much), 3)I memorize the end, 4)I turn mines off. I tried it a couple times on Stepmania... and I always fail at the end... rather quickly too, from hitting all the mines. I'll give it a try though. Maybe I'll try it with Mini (or hallway) if I can't do it the "right" way. Haha, Energy Normal Double... possible I guess. That 3X on Disconnected Hyper is kinda fast though. I'll see what I can do.
From Chichiri12345 on 3/20/2006 Received Modify
Hahaha, it was Euphoria I was thinking of... you said you passed Euphoria without the bar. =P Anyways, yeah, that beginning is really annoying... but the ending is even worse, because after doing the runs with 32nd notes TWICE, having MILLIONS of fast jumps in the middle, and then doing the 32nd not groupings once before, you have to a 32nd note grouping YET AGAIN, but this time, even FASTER. I'm still not entirely sure how I beat that song so early. =S
From OmniQuark (no bar) on 3/17/2006 Received Modify
I tried your challenge... I passed but I got 75.XX% so I have to play it again no bar ; _ ;
From MRI-kun on 2/26/2006 Received Modify
according to my knowledge, dont i have the highest score for hillbilly hardcore [h] in toronto so far? i wasnt really trying to set a high score but the beat l2uby's score. i did and im not going to bother with that. im tyring to beat jd's disconnected mobius [e]...
From TJD.Exrave on 2/22/2006 Received Modify
what is this? what is this blasphemy?! XD LOL do you not realize how pathetically low my stamina is?! =P I dunno if i can 72%+ Determ. or 76%+ Delirium. one day perhaps. well then again...I haven't played those two in a while, maybe I can try for it next time
From CFAC 317 on 2/18/2006 Received Modify
i saw u commented someone about stepmania marathons, where can i get them!?
From OmniQuark (no bar) on 2/10/2006 Received Modify
I passed Determinator [E] no bar :) Your challenge is complete right? Or did you pass it too?
From Gooey.Octopussy on 2/06/2006 Received Modify
lol, good luck completing all your challenges... quite a lengthy list >=]
From Gooey.Octopussy on 1/31/2006 Received Modify
GAWD, I could've written you a message here instead of to your email, lol. *am hurtingly newb* .. um, yes, I don't care how long it takes and how much my stamina sucks, I will beat Pandy [H] one day :P
From OmniQuark (no bar) on 1/25/2006 Received Modify
I passed it at home no bar ^_^ 79.XX It is a stamina drainer though :S I have yet to try Determinator [E] no bar. If it's easy I'll change my challenge ;) Btw, could you change the "race" to just "pass the damn thing" lol. That way the challenge will still be valid if you do it before me. I don't mind if you add "do it before me if possible" though!
From IHYD.JJK on 11/13/2005 Received Modify
From OshawaACE on 11/05/2005 Received Modify
since you seem to like mods a bit, interested in a race to clear caddywhompus normal double?
From lemon on 10/03/2005 Received Modify
I completed your challenge. I did Vertex 1.5x mini and barely passed.
From Uber on 9/22/2005 Received Modify
do u mean i have to use ALL of the inset mods???