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From B3NS3X on 4/18/2007 Active Modify
J'ai le gout d'essayer de quoi, on va voir combien de temps va prendre ce challenge vu que la date d'envoi est enregistrer. Je sais que c'est impossible pour le moment mais prend ton temps, chu juste curieux d'essayer ca: 2***, 5** et 10* Tous a expert :) Bonne Ch@nce! Prend ton temps!
From Dark Serenity on 1/19/2007 Active Modify
HEy =D so here's you challenge... get 25 "S" (now your at 9) and one star... all on expert :P GL =D
From XxLaneyxX on 1/17/2007 Active Modify
Get all your 9s on expert up to at least 80% (most are already there or close anyway!) AND star Da Roots for me sometime, k? Good luck =D It was fun to meet you at the tourny, hope to see you soon!
From Steve_V on 1/14/2007 Active Modify
Pass Why Me, Land of the Rising Sun and Queen Of Light Doubles Expert.
1/3 completed...
From SG1s_kitty on 1/14/2007 Active Modify
Augmente tous tes scores qui sont en bas de 70% à au moins 70%. (à expert)
Chui dessus laa... mais c'est chian j'ai dla misère à repaser certaines tounes...
From oscarob7 on 1/05/2007 Active Modify
Get 1* at any expert song
From oscarob7 on 1/05/2007 Active Modify
Get 5* at any Hard song
From Zaku on 1/14/2007 Completed Modify
pass a song on expert doubleeee
Yay! First expert: Mellow...