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  • GrooveStats is a web site dedicated to tracking scores for In the Groove, and Pump It Up Pro, dance simulation games.
  • Primary features
  • Public online score submission
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From Udo Octim on 4/21/2009 Active Modify
90% bloodrush, and dude it'd be so cool to play against you sometime. it'd be epic
From digpic on 11/26/2007 Active Modify
Go die by tomorow. Theres your challenge
From Damien on 11/16/2007 Active Modify
haha jared you're so silly
From EvilDave219 on 11/16/2007 Active Modify
You're a fag. No one in Kansas likes you. No one on the internets likes you. Go kill urself k thkx bai
From titandude21 on 11/16/2007 Active Modify
nice fake determinator screenshot. 622 fantastics, only 601 max combo? do the world a favor and kill yourself.