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From Team Crystal Methyd - Moderator on 3/31/2019 Completed Modify
75k+ Triumph Points and pass 5 new 18s.
got the 18s out of the way. 5k points left
From Team Crystal Methyd - Moderator on 2/03/2018 Completed Modify
Pass an 18 that's 200bpm or faster by the end of the month.
Passed Brooklyn Undergound, assuming that counts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7BfE7cwkWI
From Based Honk on 2/23/2017 Completed Modify
let's get some more 18s and also aim for 40k triumph pts in the next 3 months
i guess ill try to do this one starting from now (aka feb23 2018) update: started a year late, but did it! 40k as of may 19th
From Based Honk on 1/04/2017 Completed Modify
You seem to be gettin pretty good, Try getting to 10 17s and an 18 by May
18's: I love LSD, End of the World, (Crispy Liquid part A?) 17's: 20+ probably