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From Aoreo - Moderator on 2/05/2018 Active Modify
Pass Blue Planet expert (if it gets repatterned it will still count) and send me another challenge even though i'm really bad right now.
From Aoreo - Moderator on 12/19/2017 Active Modify
Pass Ergosphere already yb
From Aoreo - Moderator on 11/10/2017 Completed Modify
Get a 90%+ on any 22 of your choice. I'll even count epsilon 22s lol
From Aoreo - Moderator on 9/11/2017 Completed Modify
Pass Zendigiehe Ziba from JJ3. Send me another challenge too zibba.
From Aoreo - Moderator on 9/04/2017 Completed Modify
Unlock chambers in stamina rpg & get lvl 95+. Also send me a challenge.
I'm shithead and I'm lvl 99
From Aoreo - Moderator on 7/28/2017 Completed Modify
Update your challenges and pass a new 23. Also send me a challenge.
From Archi - Administrator on 2/11/2017 Completed Modify
Pass Last Trip!
From Honk on 5/10/2015 Completed Modify
I second Arvin. -Other Anthony
From Arvin on 5/02/2015 Completed Modify
pass some 19s noob
From Xynn on 10/08/2010 Completed Modify
Pass Stumpdream, 99 Vertex^2 double, and Quad Parle a ma Main double without letting your feet ever touch the pad.
Man that was hard. It took me a few seconds, but I got them all.
From Arvin on 8/29/2010 Completed Modify
99.70 average
From Xynn on 3/01/2010 Completed Modify
Get a total of 60 doubles tristars.
From Xynn on 2/15/2010 Completed Modify
Get 98% or higher on Euphoria
98.25 bitch
From Xynn on 2/15/2010 Completed Modify
Pass NightMare on Intense.
Done. Edit: WR
From Psychotik on 2/14/2010 Completed Modify
Send me a challenge.
From Psychotik on 1/10/2010 Completed Modify
Pass V^2 Doubles expert.
From Arvin on 10/18/2009 Completed Modify
Pass a 15 on video :)
I have no idea where the video is, but someone was filming when I passed this calling, so it's technically on video.
From Subrosian on 12/01/2010 Abandoned Modify
Get at least 97% on 1337 World on pad, -OR- at least 99.30% on keyboard.
I couldn't even get 97 on keyboard.
From Psychotik on 4/18/2010 Abandoned Modify
My last challenge is stupid, so here's a more (somewhat) attainable challenge: Pass Wang Chung vs. The Real Wang on doubles, expert. It's from the r21twins pack.
I don't want to play a chart that terrible more than once and I failed the first time.
From Psychotik on 2/14/2010 Abandoned Modify
Get three new Doubles Expert Quads.
I don't have any yet